The ‘big one’ proves elusive once more


Sea Fishing with KPK Food Services

Ahoy he hearties!

It was another ‘bootiful’ day on the old briny on Saturday, November 26.  The sea was calm and the breeze blowing from land meant we were kept cool but without big waves.

The fishing grounds we went to last time did not show any signs of the sailfish that were abundant previously and so we spent the day moving around looking for the best places to catch that elusive whopper.

Chuck Anderson with his prize winning catch. Chuck Anderson with his prize winning catch.

This we did not achieve, but we did again catch an abundance of 2 to 4 pounders of grouper and snapper along with the usual nice sized pla dang to total something like 40 kilos of fish to take home for the freezers.

Chuck Anderson won the KPK Food voucher with the nice snapper pictured in the photo.  We are still trying to find out what the real name for this fish is, but we call it a blue spotted yellow fish … or was it a yellow spotted blue fish?  Don’t really matter, it was a beaut.

Next trips are 10th and 24th December and there are a few spaces available if anyone is interested.  All bait is found and tackle is available if you do not have your own, plus transport can be arranged.  All you do is bring your own food and drink for the day.

I do have one or two people who would like to try a night fishing trip.  If anyone would like information regarding this please contact me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.  Happy hooking!