Super Steve slays ‘em

Steve Truelove (left) with Phil Davies.
Steve Truelove (left) with Phil Davies.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, July 9, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Phil Davies (12) 41pts

2nd Paul Bray (9) 40pts

3rd Wayne Peppernell (16) 39pts

B Flight

1st Mick Coghlan (22) 42pts

2nd Steve Baker (20) 41pts

3rd Ian Corica (29) 39pts

The society visited Green Valley on a beautifully fine day on Monday. The course was in excellent condition but was let down badly by some wooly, rough-cut greens which were patchy and inconsistent. Fairways were fully covered and bunkers were well prepared.

Thirty-two golfers filled the booking sheet and managed to get away on time. It soon became obvious that high scores would be the order of the day and at the turn a quarter of the field had collected scores of par or better.

The field was divided into two flights, cut at eighteen and under and ultimately a third of the golfers broke par or better.

In the top flight Wayne Peppernell’s crafty 39 points took third place, with Paul Bray recording 40 points for second, on his return to the group.

The flight winner was Phil Davies who is currently in top form at the moment, this time adding another forty-one point score to his already impressive CV with the group since his return from Wales a month or so ago.

In the second flight Ian Corica recorded 39 points for third place, with Steve Baker’s flattering 41 points in second place. Leading the field off and back in the clubhouse was Mick Coghlan whose 42 points was enough to blow the field away in style.

Consolation prizes went to Toby Glass for his best front nine of 20 points and Lachlan Gotz for his similar score on the back nine.

Near pins were won by Phil Davies (5), Paul Bray (8) and Dave Arataki (13) with the sixteenth retaining its modesty throughout.

Wednesday, July 11, Bangpakong Riverside – Stableford

1st Steve Truelove (9) 46pts

2nd Colm O’Donovan (20) 40pts

3rd Paul Smith (2) 40pts

4th Bob Britton (12) 39pts

Mick Coghlan.
Mick Coghlan.

Bangpakong Riverside lived up to its reputation of a high (stableford) scoring course, with nineteen of the twenty one starters having 30 points or more on a golf course presented in very good condition.

But the most exhilarating display came from Steve Truelove with a fantastic 46 points to leave daylight between him and the next two places. Playing off handicap 9 makes it even more impressive, with a gross of 71. We had to go back through the records for this calendar year to see if this was the highest. Only Derek Phillips’ 47 at Phoenix was better, but Steve joins Colin Service on the second rung on 46 points.

Then the next two were no less impressive with 40 points each, which needed a count-back between Colm O’Donovan (h/c 20) and Paul Smith (2) with Colm having the better back nine, to take second.

Paul Smith himself is no slouch around a golf course, and his score meant a gross 70, the best for the day, and he came third!

Bob Britton, in a rare appearance at Links (he lives up the road aways), came in with a very handy 39 points to fill the final place on the podium.

Once again one near pin went begging as no-one got onto the fourth green in regulation, but the other three were won by Jim Galendez (7), John Pierrel (13), and Bob Britton (16).

Consolation nines were won by Colin Smith (front, 21pts) and Steve Baker (back, 23pts).