Stonebridge sneaks in for Medal win on count back


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, May 21, Burapha C & D – Stableford

Nineteen Outbackers went to Burapha for our normal Monday outing and we played the C and D nines from the white tees.

The course was in great condition but the rough was brutal as it has still not been cut down in some areas following the recent Singha Pattaya Open.  The greens were especially good and were a joy to putt on and the weather was kind with an overcast sky for most of the day, keeping us reasonably cool.

Wednesday winners from left: Murray Hart (3rd Div B), Paul & Sugar (near pin sponsors & Sugar 2nd Div B), Paul Greenaway (winner Div A) and Paul Rodgers (winner Div B). Wednesday winners from left: Murray Hart (3rd Div B), Paul & Sugar (near pin sponsors & Sugar 2nd Div B), Paul Greenaway (winner Div A) and Paul Rodgers (winner Div B).

We had one division with 5 places in the division plus the ‘2’s.

The winner was Burapha specialist, Pete Stonebridge with 35 points off his 16 handicap who beat Lumpy Russell also on 35 points off his 11 handicap with Ed Wyckoff (8) also on 35 points taking third.  In fourth was Stephen Mann (10) on 34 points who beat Paul Sharples (9) on another count back.

There was one ‘2’ from On Lloyd on C8.

1st Pete Stonebridge (16) 35pts

2nd Lumpy Russell (11) 35pts

3rd Ed Wyckoff (8) 35pts

4th Steve Mann (10) 34pts

5th Paul Sharples (9) 34pts

Monday, May 21, Khao Kheow B & A – Stableford

Sad to say but there were only 7 Outbackers today playing B & A at Khao Kheow, largely attributable to the deteriorating course condition.  Playing B first, lifted up our moods as the course was in average condition and then on to A where it started to go downhill slightly.  They still are having problems with the greens and we were using preferred lies, as the fairways leave a lot to be desired.

The happy Outback staff thrilled with their big jackpot draw win.The happy Outback staff thrilled with their big jackpot draw win.

The scoring was low with Mick Moore winning with 33pts from Suzi on 31 and there were no ‘2’s.  However, it was a good day out and excellent value for money.

1st Mick Moore (23) 33pts

2nd Suzi Lawton (18) 31pts

3rd Carl Luke (17) 30pts

Tuesday, May 22, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A round dozen played today, although only eleven cards were returned, on an empty course with lots of work going on, which can be seen on holes 16 and 17 in particular; we’ll give it a couple of weeks then check it out and report back.

In the ladies comp it was the turn of Orn (Marney) to get the win over Laong, who has become the regular weekly winner whilst in the men’s comp it was a close thing with Terry Marney beating Paul Smets on count back, both with 32.

There were two ‘2’s today from Laong and Dennis.


1st Orn Kanasaengsri (14) 34pts


1st Terry Marney (28) 32pts

2nd Paul Smets (18) 32pts

3rd Jim Payne (26) 29pts

Tuesday, May 22, Laem Chabang C & A – Stableford

A full complement of 16 Outbackers were at Laem Chabang today, playing the C & A loops, as B is still under repair.  There were two competitions today as 12 players wished to play off the blue tees whilst the remaining 4 played went for the regular whites, except for Suzi who was off reds as usual.

The men, playing off the blues, enjoyed the challenge of the course which plays some 400 yards longer than the regular whites, and is rated and sloped about four shots harder for a middle order handicapper, so looking at the result, both the winner and the runner-up who had 32pts apiece, Jon Gruber and Robert Ford, actually played to handicap.

The winner of the whites and red competition was Suzi, also with 32.

The course was in good shape and we were away on time but on the back nine we were held up slightly.  Capt’ Steve had left his putter in the kiosk at the start and his poor caddie came charging up to retrieve it after Steve found it missing on the green.  Must have been a senior moment.

There were two ‘2’s, both achieved from the blues; from Paul Bourke (C5) and Jon Gruber (C8).

White Tees

1st Suzi Lawton (18) 32pts

2nd David Davies (28) 29pts

3rd Bernie Stafford (12) 20pts

Blue Tees

1st Jon Gruber (19) 32pts

2nd Robert Ford (18) 32pts

3rd Paul Bourke (8) 32pts

Wednesday, May 23, Bangpra – Stableford

An all important day for Aussie NRL fans, with the first of a series of three State of Origin Rugby League matches is due to kick off today at 5pm Thai time.  In keeping with the occasion, Sugar Ray sponsored two near pins on behalf of Queensland and Paul Bourke, the other two (near pins) on behalf of New South Wales.  The Outback decked out the bar accordingly with red, white and blue balloons as well as a barbecue as they showed the match live on the large TV screens.  It was a bit doubtful at one stage whether the signal would remain intact or if the power would stay on as the bar was hit by heavy rain and a storm just before the kick-off but fortunately the storm passed through causing no disruption.

Prior to the start, the 34 players’ names were drawn by the customers (with some tickets for the staff being very generously donated by customers); with any of these names being able to win the jackpot, whoever scored the first try.  When Uate went over for NSW everybody was looking around to see who had the winning ticket, the picture with this report says it all.

As for the golf, there were 19 Outbackers on this great course, which was as usual, in excellent condition as two players in Div B romped 7 clear of the third placed, Murray Hart on 35; with Sugar being collared by Paul Rodgers, both of them scoring a massive 42pts.

Div A didn’t fare quite so well with the top score of 34pts being achieved by Paul Greenaway from Capt’ Steve (32) in second and Robert Barnes (31) taking third.

Winners of the 500 Baht near pin vouchers were Paul Greenaway, Murray Hart, Joe Mooneyham and John O’Keefe.

Div A (0-13)

1st Paul Greenaway (8) 34pts

2nd Steve Mann (10) 32pts

3rd Robert Barnes (13) 31pts

Div B (14+)

1st Paul Rodgers (20) 42pts

2nd Sugar Ray (19) 42pts

3rd Murray Hart (14) 35pts

Friday, May 25, Green Valley – Medal

Our first monthly medal got underway at Green Valley with a field of 35.  An empty course at 9.30, half an hour before our allotted start time, had many champing at the bit to get underway but as is usual here, there were a couple of groups still to go out in front of us ,who were not even on the tee yet.

Up stepped a Korean six-ball that took ages to tee off, particularly as two of them had to reload after hitting into the water but things were not what they seemed as they split into two three-balls on the fairway; they were followed by a two-ball before we finally got our train rolling and it’s pleasing to report that the pace of play was generally reported as excellent.

The course once again was in good nick but the scores were lower than usual perhaps the medal format taking its toll on the riskier shot.  In Division A, 73 net from Paul Greenaway won from a pair of 74’s, in Div B, Martin Kingswood, who was having his first game since returning from a month in the UK, prevailed with a net 74 from Murray Hart on 75 and the third place way back on 78.  Div C went Aussie visitor, Peter Macnoe also with a net 71 beating George Bishop on count back with two players vying for third back on 76.

So Peter Stonebridge turned out to be the winner of our first medal with a net 71 playing off 16 but only by a whisker on count back from Peter Macnoe who also had 71.  They both had net 36’s on the back nine but on the last six, Peter S had 23.67 to Peter M’s 24; after deduction of appropriate proportion of handicap.

We also ran another DeVere sponsored “hidden pairs event” which adds a little variation to the day, as all the players are invited to draw a number before they tee off and they are then secretly paired with a player with the same number.  The best net medal score for each hole (on the two cards) is then calculated and the total for 18 holes noted.  The winning pair today were Barry McIntosh and George Bishop with an excellent net 59.

There were five ‘2’ recorded from Paul Bourke (4th), Ed Horrocks (16th) and three more on the 12th from Peter Daff, Jan Eriksen and Steve Plant.


1st Pete Stonebridge (16) net 71

Div A (0-13)

1st Paul Greenaway (8) net 73

2nd Jan Eriksen (8) net 74

3rd Sel Wegner (13) net 74

Div B (14-17)

1st Martin Kingswood (15) net 74

2nd Murray Hart (14) net 75

3rd Carl Luke (17) net 78

Div C (18+)

1st Peter Macnoe (24) net 71

2nd George Bishop (18) net 71

3rd Andy Makara (27) net 76

DeVere Hidden Pairs

1st Barry McIntosh & George Bishop net 59

2nd Peter Macnoe & Martin Crichton net 63

3rd Mick Moore & Andy Makara net 64

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or call Jack on 087 941 2474.