Skinner celebrates a double


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, August 10, Crystal Bay A & C – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Peter Skinner (11) 35pts

2nd Jens Gunnarsson (13) 33pts

3rd Phil Cass (15) 33pts

4th Shuichi Kodaka (16) 32pts

5th Terry Hodgkiss (26) 32pts

Crystal Bay course was in good shape again and the changing rooms have also been really well spruced up recently, featuring renovated showers and the newly appointed dining area for the post-competition wind down.  Even the greens are beginning to return to their evenness although there is still a way to go to attain their old condition when they were reckoned to be the best in the whole area.

Peter Skinner & Mike Hill.Peter Skinner & Mike Hill.

It was a week of déjà vu which began with Peter Skinner repeating his win of the previous Monday with the same 35 point return, but on this occasion without the necessity of a count back as he won by a clear three points.  After starting with a zero-pointer on the first he came back strongly with a 20-point inward nine that sealed another top step to add to his many recent successes.

Jens Gunnarsson had a solid opening half on the C course, after also starting out with a blob on the first hole, and this stood him in good stead for the count back verdict over Philip Cass, carding a better 18 to 17.

Shuichi Kodaka won another count back over Terry Hodgkiss for fourth place as he returned a better, and stunning, 14 to 11 over the last six after they had tied the back nine on 16 apiece.

There were no 2’s in the second division, but Jens made up for his close call in the main competition when he knocked in the lone one in the first division to sweep the rollover pool.

Wednesday, August 12, Greenwood B & C – Stableford

CSS 73

1st Peter Skinner (11) 37pts

2nd Jens Gunnarsson (13) 31pts

3rd Hal Hart (19) 29pts

4th Shuichi Kodaka (16) 27pts

5th Mike Hill (20) 26pts

Following heavy overnight rain here it was carts on the pathways only and brought into effect the local ‘lift and place’ in the fairways rule.  It also meant for many that the day would be a hard slog over 6,600 yards with no run on the fairways, and for those with a bit of a hook, a lot more walking than some of the walkers were having to put in, and most of it seemingly uphill.  It proved to be in some cases a trek too far as they were unable to finish the day holding a club and only just able to manage a glass.

The week of repetition continued as once again Peter Skinner took the top honour with a one under handicap return, as he had done on the previous Wednesday over a course that the rest of the field had found almost unplayable in the heat and humidity.  This time the margin of victory was six shots, even after having slipped in a zero again on the second hole.

Jens Gunnarsson again took second place but without the need of a count back after he had started slowly and then lasted quite well through the closing holes as many others were falling by the wayside.

Hal Hart took third place two behind Jens and two ahead of Shuichi Kodaka in fourth who amazingly walked as usual and appeared to be the freshest finisher.

Mike Hill was surprised to take the last podium placement in fifth with a lowly ten over, but in the conditions it was a good result even so.

There were no 2’s in either of the divisions.

Friday, August 14, Pattaya C. C. – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Mike Hill (20) 38pts

2nd Stephen Beard (24) 34pts

3rd Jens Gunnarsson (13) 34pts

4th Barry Winton (6) 32pts

5th John Carlin (20) 31pts

Another visit to the very local course just up the 331, and possibly the nearest to the home base in time terms, where the newly built clubhouse majestically overlooks the 9th and 18th greens on a course that has been completely redesigned and laid out by General Veeraynte Petbousak.  It has resulted in a very interesting test of golf where the greens, once fairly flat and easy, are now undulating and difficult – especially when players finds themselves in the wrong area compared to the hole.

With the addition of many well placed bunkers the course is really going to be one of the best tests in the whole area.  The only problem here would seem to be the lack of enough flat pin placement areas that can be utilized.  On this day the placements were in some cases bordering on the impossible, having been set on slopes of 25 degrees or more, making putting extremely difficult.

Mike Hill easily returned the best card, scoring four more than his nearest rival and finishing without the blemish of a blob as he completed his best round in over a year.

Having been one of the main ‘wilters’ from Wednesday, Stephen Beard once again took second place as he had on the previous Friday, but with a three worse return after he had found the course, together with the greens, to be totally different, it being the first time that he had played it for several years.  He needed to win a count back over Jens Gunnarsson for the place, which he did with a better 18 to 17 to leave Jens in third spot.

Barry Winton, another of the Wednesday sufferers, had a far better day to finish in fourth place, one ahead of John Carlin in fifth.

One again there were no ‘2’s in either division.

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