Sim and Yui get in the swing


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Nov. 18, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st John Stewart (8) 37pts

2nd Yui Bietry (11) 36pts

3rd Kris Kritsannajootha (7) 36pts

4th Jan Eriksen (9) 35pts

B Flight

1st Sim Davis (23) 39pts

2nd Colm Mullen (15) 37pts

3rd Steven Montcelli (15) 35pts

4th Dave Driscoll (15) 35pts

Near Pins:  No 4 Dave Chalmers; No 9 Patrick Kelly; No 12 John Stewart; No 16 Brian Cooper

She won the Red Flight monthly medal as recently as last Sunday and now Sim Davis has come back and won again!  Normally everyone likes to see the victories spread around but this was an instance certainly for those who knew when the society couldn’t have been happier.  Certainly condolences to Colm ‘the Right Honorable’ Mullen whose solid 37 points took the B Flight silver – Colm has yet to reach the top podium spot this visit to the Land of Smiles, but surely it must just be just around the corner.

Sunday’s winner Sim Davis with hubby Colin. Sunday’s winner Sim Davis with hubby Colin.

Dave Driscoll, who also appeared in this column last week, was edged to the fourth place via a count back defeat to Steven Montcelli.

John Stewart snuck 37 points into the senior flight stack and came up the winner.  He was followed by Pierre ‘the Magicians’ better half Yui who came up a stoke short, but gained the silver via a count back victory over the unlucky Kris K.  Jan ‘the quite one’ Erikssen made a bit of noise as he closed the flight.

John Stewart and Jim Bell a brace, Clinton Haslett, Patrick Kelly and Mark Wood shared the 2’s pot.

Monday, Nov. 19, Khao Kheow A&C – Stableford

A Flight

1st Kevin McEntee (8) 37pts

2nd Francis Goyons (8) 36pts

3rd Seamus Lanagan (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st Gerry Rafferty (17) 36pts

2nd Matt Cronin (14) 36pts

3rd Lee Addelly (15) 36pts

C Flight

1st Keith McLachlan (23) 37pts

2nd Liam Farrell (24) 36pts

3rd Jim Elphick (25) 33pts

Colin Davis (left) presents a prize to Sunday A Flight winner John Stewart (center) and his wife. Colin Davis (left) presents a prize to Sunday A Flight winner John Stewart (center) and his wife.

The Co. Offaly gang left Pattaya to try their luck in the Philippines for a short stay; how they got on is a closely guarded secret.  On returning Monday, the ring leader Kevin ‘you know who’ McEntee picked up where he left off by standing atop the flagship flight podium with a co-best of the day 37 points.  Kevin’s fine effort barely edged 2nd place finisher Francis Goyons Francis who in turn edged Seamus Lanagan to the bronze; thank goodness Seamus had a 2.

Gerry Rafferty beat his European Union compatriots (they are all compatriots come Ryder Cup time) Matt Cronin and  Ian Woosnam’s ex caddy  Lee Addelly (no not the caddie that put the extra club in Ian’s bag) in a three-way B Flight count back.  Matt Cronin took the silver as Lee settled for the bronze.

Keith McLachlan made himself right at home by being the top man in C Flight on the day and co-man of the match.  Keith needed nearly every point to better a fast closing Liam Farrell.  Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick gratefully accepted the bronze as he closed the flight.

Along with Seamus, Kevin McEntee, Ian Dallas, Bob Fagan and Keith McLachlan helped themselves to a share the 2’s pot.

Wednesday, Nov. 21, Pattana – Stableford

A Flight

1st Seamus Lanagan (12)38 pts

2nd John Bahng (13) 37pts

3rd J-P Gasser (12) 36pts

B Flight

1st Matt Cronin (14) 37pts

2nd Gerry Rafferty (12) 35pts

3rd Nick Odnoral (14) 34pts

C Flight

1st John O’Mahoney (20) 38pts

2nd Christy Knight (20) 37pts

3rd Leon Vorters (22) 34pts

Seamus Lanagan and John O’Mahoney were co-men of the match as they both posted 38 points on the day, in the senior circuit and C Flight respectively; Seamus bettering Monday’s third place finish.  Seamus was followed closely up the podium steps by everyone’s favourite, John Bahng.  J-P Gasser’s bid for the third place was almost lost, save for a beneficial count back over the unlucky Ger Jones.

Not to be outdone, C Flight had its own 38 points on the card signed by John O’Mahoney.  Christy ‘good’ Knight came in a shot shy to fill the flight silver spot.  Leon Vorters closed the flight with 34 points.

In B Flight we saw a reversal of fortunes from Monday’s game as Matt Cronin moved up to the top of the podium and Gerry Rafferty slipped down to the second tier.  Nick Odnoral rounded out the flight on a count back as Gerry Mernagh was left out as the bridesmaid.

Each flight contained a share of the 2’s pot in Pierre Bietry, Jimmy Day and Mitch Squire.

Friday, Nov. 23, Treasure Hills – Stableford

A Flight

1st James O’Mahoney (7) 37pts

2nd Andy Byrne (8) 35pts

3rd JP Gasser (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st John O’Mahoney (20) 37pts

22d Peter Henshaw (20) 36pts

3rd Dave Norman (17) 36pts

C Flight

1st James Elphick (25) 37pts

2nd Keith McLachlan (23) 34pts

3rd Mick Coghlan (26) 32pts

James O’Mahoney, John O’Mahoney and Jimmy ‘2 shots’ Elphick were all co-men of the match as they won A, B and C Flights respectively, as they all posted 37 points on the very tough Treasure Hills layout.  As though one ‘Mick’ on the A Flight podium was not enough, who should attain the second step but the omnipresent Co. Offaly gang member Andy Byrne by way of a count back verdict over the luckless J-P Gasser.

John O’Mahoney made it a handful of Mick’s at the pay window with his B Flight winning 37 points.  Peter ‘Don O’corleone’ Henshaw, much like his A Flight mates, edged Dave Norman into the bronze position via a favorable count back.

The Queen finally had a representative on the podium as Jimmy ‘2 shots’ Elphick topped C Flight with his own 37 points.  Keith McLachlan was the somewhat distant silver medalist, although his score should be credited with being 2 shots clear of Mick Coghlan and the charismatic Fergus O’Brien.  Mick had the better of the count back mathematics.

Peter Kelly, John O’Mahoney and Ken Hole as you would expect with a moniker like that shared the 2’s pot.

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