Shigeki at the double

Shigeki Toyoshima (left) & Gary Bennett.
Shigeki Toyoshima (left) & Gary Bennett.

The Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, March 5, Silky Oak – Stableford

Division 1

1st Wayne LLoyd (11) 38pts

2nd Ian Bell (16) 35pts

3rd Ian Hunt (15) 35pts

Division 2

1st Simon Tapster (17) 38pts

2nd Richard Talbot (19) 37pts

3rd Colin Smith (17) 35pts

Monday we had 32 players battle it out at Silky Oak, a course that normally gives up some great scores.  We always play of the white tees as most of the water carries are far too intimidating for our ageing golfers.  That was not the case for Wayne Lloyd who conquered the elevated greens with ease and posted 38 points to claim top prize in division one.  However Simon Tapster, who had been at area 51 till the wee hours of the morning and looking a little bit worse for wear, proved that alcohol and sleep deprivation is no match for a seasoned golfer and also posted an impressive 38 points, which secured him top spot in division two.

Tuesday, March 6, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Division 1

1st Roger Wilkinson (15) 37pts

2nd Wayne Lloyd (11) 37pts

3rd Ian Hunt (14) 35pts

Division 2

1st Sven Hommel (18) 38pts

2nd Trom Trafford (21) 37pts

3rd Lawrence Lee (28) 36pts

Our regular Tuesday outing to Phoenix always attracts good numbers.  The course is in magnificent condition and its close proximity to Pattaya is a bonus.

You can always guarantee that when the start sheet for Phoenix goes up then Roger Wilkinson will be one of the first names on it.  His love affair with Phoenix began in April 2008 and has survived to this day.  Roger rode off the first tee in his horse drawn, rose petal strewn carriage and consummated the course with an impressive 37 points for top spot in division one.

In division two it was Sven Hommel who stole the limelight and posted the best score on the day, 38 points, to claim first place.

Wednesday, March 7, The Emerald – Stableford

Division 1

1st Bill Reid (13) 40pts

2nd Alan Rothwell (5) 39pts

3rd Colin Hopkins (12) 38pts

Division 2

1st Gary Bennett (19) 41pts

2nd Lawrence Lee (28) 37pts

3rd Richard Talbot (19) 35pts

Wednesday saw the TRGG faithful head east to Emerald, a course that cries out to be conquered and certainly not a course for the bump and run players.

Our resident multi-linguist, Bill Reid, chipped and putted his way around with ease to claim first place with 40 points in division one.  Division two wasn’t going to be outdone and the smooth talking Gary Bennett easily claimed top spot with an unbeatable 41 points.

Thursday, March 8, Green Valley – Stableford

Division 1

1st Nick Thomas (12) 37pts

2nd Neil Wilkinson (13) 35pts

3rd Colin Hopkins (11) 35pts

Division 2

1st Shigeki Toyoshima (19) 38pts

2nd Ken Brehm (23) 35pts

3rd David Warburton (21) 34pts

On Thursday the splendid Green Valley welcomed the TRGG and it’s a course that just keeps on improving with age.

Nick Thomas powered his way to the top in division one with an impressive 37 points.  Playing in division two, Shigeki Toyoshima, the only double figure handicap playing with three single figure handicaps, was not going to be intimidated or bullied and in true underdog fashion came out on top to win his corner with 38 points.

Friday, March 9, Burapha – Stableford

Division 1

1st Wayne Lloyd (11) 38pts

2nd John Nicholas (10) 38pts

3rd Ian Hunt (14) 37pts

Division 2

1st Shigeki Toyoshima (18) 36pts

2nd Colin Smith (17) 35pts

3rd Ged Blairs (27) 35pts

Burapha is the best value for money course in Pattaya and this Friday saw 48 players vying for a place on the podium.  Having already secured a first place position on Monday, Wayne Lloyd was out to prove that he’s not a “One Hit Wonder” and carved an impressive 38 points as division one winner.

Shigeki Toyoshima must have picked up some pointers whilst playing with the single figure boys as his new handicap couldn’t stop him from back to back wins, this time with 36 points in division two.

Saturday, March 10, Pattavia – Stableford

1st John Ryan (14) 37pts

2nd Danny Welsh (22) 37pts

3rd Seil Peter (6) 37pts

Pattavia is renowned for its marble like greens and being above the hole will almost guarantee you three putts and possibly four.  It took today’s winner, big John Ryan, nine holes to realize this and after posting 13 points on the front nine he decided to drop back a club and almost parred the back nine, shooting 24 points to finish the day with 37.  First, second and third place were all determined by count-backs with Danny Welsh taking second with 20 on the back nine and Seil Peter 19.


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