Senior clear by nine at Green Valley


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Sunday, May 20, Crystal Bay – Stableford

It was a limited field today and although numbers were down they do say it’s not quantity but quality which counts.  I am not sure if other groups find there never seems to be buggies available when you arrive to tee off, however they do arrive at some point and our golfers are then transported to new heights.

Winners today were Brett Arnold (12) in first with37 points ahead of runner up Ted Senior (13) on 36 points in third was Tim Dalton (20) with 35.

Green Valley winners, Alun Webber & Ted Senior.Green Valley winners, Alun Webber & Ted Senior.

Tuesday, May 22, Green Valley – Stableford

It was nice to return to the course which was in excellent shape.  Both fairways and greens were maintained to a good standard and the bunkers were in pristine condition.  No complaints about bad lies today and our winner today told me this was his best score in Thailand.  Naturally as this came from a certain Mr Ted Senior it appeared a bit of handicap protection was going on.  It was explained this would not save him from a severe handicap reduction.

So in first place we had Ted Senior on 43 points, and second was Alun Webber (20) on 34 points.  Well done Ted, some great golf today on a difficult but fair course.  Watch this space for your revised handicap!

Amphan North and Brendan Moore, Thursday’s top two at Phoenix.Amphan North and Brendan Moore, Thursday’s top two at Phoenix.

Thursday, May 24, Phoenix – Stableford

Although the Ocean course was closed for maintenance it was pleasing to report there were no delays reported by any of our groups.  In addition the greens have improved, albeit some areas remain sanded without any remedial works.  It was noticeable there were a number of difficult pin positions and this, together with the windy conditions, did affect the scoring.

First past the post today was Amphan North (14) with 39 points and it is pleasing to see Amphan back on the winners’ podium and she once again proves to be one of our best lady competitors.

Following Amphan home today was Brendan Moore (12) with and even par 36, snatching second on count back over Roger Wilkinson (14), while fourth place went to Daryl Ottaway (7) with 35 points.

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