Scousers back in the limelight

Derek Thorogood (left) and Billy Allan.
Derek Thorogood (left) and Billy Allan.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, Sept. 24, Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Billy Allan (20) 32pts

2nd John Brewer (15) 29pts

3rd Darren Hayden (31) 25pts

For those that aren’t familiar with the term “Scouser” it is a name given to a person who comes from Liverpool. At the TRGG there are a couple of Scousers who are Peaky Blinder Billy and Del Boy (the scribe), neither of whom have been playing good golf lately, however this week they took first place in three out of the five competitions.

Peaky Blinder posted his first win for the week at Khao Kheow by slashing the opposition into submission with a ridiculous 32 points. His mere presence must have intimidated the rest of the field as not one other player scored higher than twenty nine.

Tuesday, Sept. 25, Green Valley – Medal

1st Billy Allan (20) net 73

2nd John O’Donoghue (21) net 76

3rd Masayuki Okada (22) net 77

On Tuesday we paid our regular visit to Green Valley where Alex Fenwick finally played to his handicap and came home with 36 points to take first place honours. Incredibly Alex has been playing with the TRGG for close to five years and today was the first time he has scored thirty six points – and also the first time he’s taken the pole position.

Thursday, Sept. 27, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

1st Seamus Farrell (29) 39pts

2nd Alex Fenwick (19) 36pts

3rd Paul Durkan (16) 35pts

Thursday’s trip to Phoenix saw Seamus Farrell finally rise from the ashes and blaze his way to an incredible 39 points. His day out was made even more pleasurable as he fleeced his regular playing partners by winning all three sixes. It is a rare occurrence to see young Seamus on the winner’s podium and as the evening wore on and the amber fluid flowed we were “treated” to a hole by hole replay of how this magnificent feat unfolded!

Friday, Sept. 28, Burapha – Stableford

1st Derek Thorogood (18) 36pts

2nd Sakai Yasuo (10) 36pts

3rd Masayuki Okada (22) 36pts

Friday and another Scouser was making a name for himself. Del Boy (yours truly) has been suffering with the dreaded “shanks” for over two months and believe me I was almost ready to give the game away. It’s so debilitating standing over the ball 120 out from the green and not having a clue where the next shot’s going to end up! Today I was 130 out from the first hole at Burapha and to my amazement I flushed an eight iron onto the green.

Throughout the whole round I only had one shank and for the life of me I don’t know what I was doing different. Anyway by virtue of a three-way countback I ended up winning the day and I look forward to the day when the shanks are but a distant memory.