Sawazaki wins the Monthly Mug


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Oct. 27, Phoenix – Stableford

This was to be the last chance to go to Phoenix on a Sports Day when the draw was a good green fee and a free cart, so why not.  When we got to the course we found the car park pretty full and the round proved to be a bit slow.

The course was not in bad condition and was enjoyed by all, even if it did prove quite tough to score on.  The greens were a little faster than some of the other courses we have played of late and they seemed to run well, even if my ball would not go in the hole!

Monthly Mug winner Kunio Sawazaki (left) is joined by flight winners Bob Watson (centre) and Pierre Bietry.

With a slow round we were late back to B.J.’s Holiday Lodge but it was soon into the results and presentation.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 35 points ahead of John Pierrel in second with 34 and Maurice Roberts third with 33.  In the B Flight we had the best score of the day when Mick Coghlan won with 36 points ahead of Nigel Perry in second on 34 and Henry Wong third with 33.

With his top score today it was announced that Mick Coghlan had also captured the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month award, well done to him!

Near Pins: Landis Brooks, John Pierrel, Kenny Chung, Ray Cody.

Friday, Oct. 30, Pattaya C.C. – Monthly Mug/Stroke

The last Friday of the month usually means the Tropical Golfers are on the way to Pattaya Country Club to battle for the coveted Monthly Mug.  We had some new players today and some others who returned after an absence, so with twenty two golfers it was going to be difficult to finish on top.  Stroke play makes it important to keep the big numbers off your card, and that affects decisions throughout the round.

MBMG Group Golfer of the Month winner Mick Coghlan (right) receives his prize from Dick Warberg.

The weather was warm to mildly hot with no chance of rain this day.  Pattaya Country Club is hit and miss on the conditions but the overall feedback on the course was “fair”.  They are letting the fairway grass grow a little longer which is what they need, but some of the greens were patchy.  The layout is a fair test and the relatively slow greens helped some but hurt others.

Visitor Kunio Sawazaki (H/cap 18) won the October Monthly Mug with a fine score of net 69.

In the A-Flight (0-17), frequent winner Bob Watson (2) took first place with a net 70 off his microscopic handicap.  Next came Tom Herrington (16) with net 74 and Brian Parish (13) with net 75.

Pierre Bietry (19) took top honors in B Flight with a fine net 72, followed by a multi count-back race at net 77 with Jim Ferris (21) triumphing over Nigel Perry (23) and poor Les Easton (23), who had one of those dreaded high numbers on the 18th.

Near Pins:  Steve Truelove (2), Don Tidby, Les Easton.