Sasicha strikes gold at Phoenix

Capt. Bob, Sasicha and Bill Marsden.
Capt. Bob, Sasicha and Bill Marsden.

PSC Golf from the Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, Sept. 10, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Phoenix with no rain and carts on the fairways so no winter rules applied, even though there was a bit of mud on the ball from time to time. We played Mountain and Ocean loops which are in fantastic condition, although the rough on Mountain is still as rough as hell.

With a slightly depleted field today just 3 groups played. Welcome back to John Anderson, him being back for just a few days then Bahrain to work.

Out of the 3 groups that played there were only 2 golfers that didn’t make 30 plus points. Taking 3rd spot today was Bill Marsden with 34 points, 2nd went to Capt. Bob with 35 points and the only lady in the field Miss Sasicha took 1st with 36 points.

The only ‘2’ of the day came from John Anderson.

Wednesday, Sept. 12, Green Valley – Stableford

It was raining when we got to Green Valley and we had a lot of cancellations due to the increment weather. But the diehard golfers among us stayed around for 30 minutes and the rain disappeared. It turned out to be a good day with overcast skies, although very humid.

The course was in great condition. We played winter rules as carts were allowed on cart path only, which in retrospect was probably generous as the fairways were as dry as a bone.

As it was Sandy’s birthday, he sponsored near pins for the ladies. There were only 3 won, the other got away. Miss Am, Miss Yaow and Miss Kran were the winners of these prizes.

Coming in 3rd in the ladies was Miss Porn with 35 points on a countback. Miss Am took 2nd spot with 37 points and Miss Kran won the 1st prize with a fine 40 points.

In the men’s division there was a countback for 2nd and 3rd with Kevin Wright getting bumped into 3rd by his good mate Jerry Sweetnam, both on 39 points. Brian Orr took the top spot with 40 points. There were 4 twos coming from Jerry (2) and Nipper Truscott got the other two.

Friday, Sept. 14, Burapha – Stableford

Well it was raining when we left the bar and still raining when we got to the course, although the cloud was high enough for us to think it would go away. After about 30 minutes it was decided to take the chance so out we went. We got in 3 holes before the heavens opened up and we were forced to shelter for about 30 minutes. When it stopped, we didn’t get anymore and it turned into a good day.

The course even after so much rain and not being able to find too many dry spots was still in surprisingly good condition. The scoring wasn’t too bad either, winter rules applied with take a drop as close as you could to get relief from the wet fairways.

With only a small field of 3 groups there was no payout for twos much to chagrin of our long lost friend Dave Bramley, just in from the UK who managed to get two of them. He got a beer instead.

Taking 3rd place today was Lloyd Shuttleworth playing off his 4 handicap and scoring 34 points. Graham Beaumont just got over the line with a fine 35 points to take 2nd, but it was the Captain’s day today. Bob Philp with just 22 putts scoring 42 points to take line honours.