Santa rounds off the year at The Haven


IPGC golf from The Haven

Due to the busy holiday golf schedule this year’s Baan Jing Jai Santa Scramble was held even earlier than usual on the 7th of December as the middle of December has become overcrowded with so many other competitions, which has an effect on the total entries but this year the entries increased compared to the last two years and resulted in a greater sum raised from the golfing activities.  No doubt the tougher world economic situation contributed to a lower sum collected from the raffle but donations were also up.

This year the plan was again to raise enough money to buy each of the 75 or so children, a Christmas present of their dreams with any excess money being directed towards the funds for the New Home for 100 plus children that is planned to be built on the outskirts of the city on land that has already been purchased for that purpose.

Santa with the presents.Santa with the presents.

The home that cares for orphaned and abandoned children between the ages of 1 year and 17 years has received the official status of a charitable trust under the title of The Baan Jing Jai Foundation.  This status still does not mean that it will receive any monies from either central or local government and will still therefore have to rely on donations from commercial and private individuals and fund raising activities such as the day’s events which are vital to its ongoing survival.

Last year’s wonderful sum of 200,000 baht was again matched with the last minute addition of a final donation made by a famous anonymous donor.

While waiting for Santa the pool seems a good option.While waiting for Santa the pool seems a good option.

Whilst not wishing to exclude and also not mentioning any individual, many who gave very generously either through the 50/50 draw or directly into the fund with donation, it is right to give credit to those commercial sponsors who helped to make this such a successful day.  These were: Phoenix Golf and Country Club, Pattaya Mail Media, Pattaya Sports Supply, and the Haven Hotel.

The children form a line for Santa.The children form a line for Santa.

Those that made the effort to support the day’s very worthy cause were rewarded with a great day’s golfing enjoyment in the knowledge that they had all helped towards making it a very happy Christmas for a lot of deserving children.

After the golfing activities the contestants returned to The Haven where the usual sumptuous spread had be laid on and continued until all were totally sated.

Lamyai Beard presented the prizes as husband Stephen emceed the prize presentations and thanked all who had helped to make the day such a great success from the prize donors, 50/50 sellers, donation collectors, buyers, donors and golf organizers and the staff of the Haven for keeping everyone topped up with food and drink in the evening.

There was also a sad moment of reflection in memory of Roy Thornton who had been instrumental in starting the Santa Scramble on behalf of the Baan Jing Jai in conjunction with The Haven four years earlier and he would have been extremely happy to have seen the day’s total collected for the New Home.

Division 1

1st Ian Speirs, Neal Gamble, Tom Novak, Willie Van Heetvelde (9.0) net 55.0

2nd Wichai Tanasusorn, Jim Ferris, Richard Bannister, Peter Ditz, (6.1) net 56.9

3rd Mike Korney, Garry Warren, Kathleen Fetherston, Jack Fetherston (9.0) net 57.0

Division 2

1st Mike Hill, Don Everett, Rodney Hayes, Alwyne Burley (9.5) net 58.5

2nd Matt Millar, Vance Millar, Dale Drader, Kenny Cooke, (12.3) net 59.7

3rd Sam McLellan, Larry Ang, David Plaiter, Grant Alexander (10.0) net 60.0

50/50 Draw

1st Malcolm Clare

2nd Lamyai Beard

3rd Norwegian Seaman’s Church ticket

“Is this for you?”“Is this for you?”

Following on from the golfing and fund raising day, Sunday December 30 was the first opportunity that the children could be presented with their presents, as over the Christmas period they were very busy touring the city giving carol concerts at many local establishments.

Some 75,000 baht of the amount raised was utilised to purchase the presents and with all of the children having requested their heart’s desire they already knew what Santa had in his sack for them.  The balance was put towards the fund that has been set up to build the new home for the children.

Pianta & Lamyai.Pianta & Lamyai.

The event was again held at The Haven Hotel, now becoming a regular haunt for the children, where a very jolly Santa gave them all a special bag followed by a special take-away meal box as they set off to enjoy the rest of the day unwrapping and enjoying their presents.

Following the successful start to raise the finance for the new home when over 6 million has been raised through various events and sponsors, there was recent news of an international sponsor for the fund and it can now be reported that the funds collected now stand at over 12 million baht and following the completion of the boundary wall, immediate plans are being presented to the local government departments with a view to start the construction early in 2013 with a completion date of 2014.

Full financial details of the new home project can be found on the web site at

Second division winners at the Santa Scramble: Don Everett, Rodney Hayes, Mike Hill and Alwyne Burley with Lamyai Beard.Second division winners at the Santa Scramble: Don Everett, Rodney Hayes, Mike Hill and Alwyne Burley with Lamyai Beard.