Sandy and Poopay stand tall on medal podium

Brian Chapman (back) poses with the women winners on the day, Eng, Poopay, and Sasicha.
Brian Chapman (back) poses with the women winners on the day, Eng, Poopay, and Sasicha.

PSC Golf from the Billabong Golf Bar

Wednesday, August 29th Green Valley – Haven Monthly Medal

As usual, the Haven Monthly Medal is well supported and today was no exception. 44 golfers turned up to support this event which has been sponsored by Brian Chapman, for many years now, and runs Haven Consultants (Financial Advisors) in Nernplabwan.

It is said that a medal round is a true measure of one’s ability and one bad hole can determine whether you stand on the podium or not. It does not help when one person, who will remain nameless, had a 10 on the first hole and used a hand wedge to extricate himself from a bunker.

In the ladies, Miss Poopay, always competitive in a medal, had 8 pars and one birdie to lead the way with a net 71. Miss Eng would have challenged Miss Poopay but for 4 double bogies on the back nine just edging out Miss Sasicha on the same score relegating her to third place.

In the men’s Micky Beresford, who shook off the cobwebs from a hard grind of 4 weeks offshore, to improve on his first nine holes of 47 by 7 shots which included 4 pars and 1 birdie for a net 74 and 4th place. Pete Thomas occupied 3rd place with a net 73 with four pars and 1 birdie on the way back to the clubhouse but 4 shots behind 2nd placed Brian Wilkinson who had a double bogey seven and an eight for a respectable net 69. Sandy Chap, who is becoming a regular visitor to the podium recently, despite 2 sevens in his round took the plaudits with a net 68.

The twos today went to Lloyd Shuttleworth, Miss Nu, Miss Eng and Miss Prae.

Monday, August 27
Phoenix CC, Stableford

Just a small field today at Phoenix playing our favourite two nines: the Lake and Ocean loops. The course has had some rain in recent days but is in great condition and a pleasure to play.

It was a good day for golf with high clouds and perfect temperature. The greens were not as swift as usual but still ok to putt on.

The scoring was in general very good with the little French General taking 3rd spot with a fine 33 points, coming in in second place was Sandy Chapo playing to his handicap scoring 36 points, and taking the top spot was the Lovely Sasicha for the second time in a row with 41 points.

There were two 2s coming from Sasicha and Bill Marsden.

Friday, August 31
Phoenix CC, Monthly Scramble

The monthly scramble at Phoenix was a great day as usual with 11 teams participating. After an early start with an orderly fashion, teams played the Mountain and Ocean loops, which were in great condition with greens that were fast and true.

At the bar after it was the usual comments about how many birdies were left out there but it certainly was a grand day out.

It was good to see some new faces on the podium, well not new but not seen for some time.

The Billabong A team came 3rd with 57 net. The team from the Courtyard Geoff Couch made up of Helmut Hebstriet, Jeff North and Chris Brendle, came 2nd with a score of 56.3 only being beaten by one tenth of a shot by the team from the player’s lounge, Micky Beresford, Eddie Beilby, Barry Tregurther and Gareth Gill with a score of 56.2.

It was good to see some of the faces that have been playing this event at the Billabong from the start coming to the podium. The Courtyard lad’s used to have the trophy stuck to them but haven’t been at the top for a while. Great to see you back fellas.