Sal stars at Colin’s birthday golf bash


PSC Golf from The Ferdinand Golf Bar

Wednesday, August 26 – Royal Hills Nakhon Nayok

We made an early start after breakfast at Ferdinand Golf Bar for the trip up to Nakhon Nayok to play a 2-day comp as part of Colin Davis’ birthday celebrations.  We went in a variety of vehicles and amazingly no one got lost and we all arrived in good time for our 12 00 tee time at Royal Hills.  The course was in magnificent condition, if a little wet underfoot, so we elected to play the ball it as it lay, which in hindsight was possibly the wrong decision.

With 19 players we had a 3-ball to start followed by 4 x 4-balls.  This is one of those courses that are a real pleasure to play whatever the score.  With the low handicaps handling the conditions the best, Sal Brizzi led the way with 39 points off his 6 handicap, four shots ahead of his playing partner Bill Steinmann, with the Welsh tenor Phill Davies pipping Maurice (PSC Golf Chairman) Roberts for third place in A flight.

Sal Brizzi.Sal Brizzi.

B flight was headed by Alex Field who beat Nick Shaw on a count back, both with 34 points, and John Dearden came in third with 33.

The final group got caught in an almighty storm on the last hole but still managed to finish.

A Flight

1st Sal Brizzi (6) 39pts

2nd Bill Steinmann (11) 35pts

3rd Phil Davies (14) 33pts

B Flight

1st Alex Field (18) 34pts

2nd Nick Shaw (19) 34pts

3rd John Dearden (20) 33pts

Thursday, August 27 – Royal Hills Nakhon Nayok

The previous evening had offered a choice between watching the BBC or partaking in a Heineken/Singha or two.  The scribe chose the latter and suffered the next day with a predictable blob on the 1st hole followed by 3 single putt pars and then it all went wrong.

Thursday saw a reversal of scoring, with john Dearden having one of his best rounds (39pts) to top B flight and his marker said he was the best 20-hcp he had seen.  John was followed by Mick Beresford on 36 and Nick Shaw with 32.

Martin Todd returned with 37 points to post the best score in A flight and he was followed up the podium steps in order by Bob Watson and Sal Brizzi.

A Flight

1st Martin Todd (11) 37pts

2nd Bob Watson (2) 36pts

3rd Sal Brizzi (6) 35pts

B Flight

1st John Dearden (20) 39pts

2nd Mike Beresford (18) 36pts

3rd Nick Shaw (19) 32pts

The winner of the 2-day eclectic comp was close with Sal Brizzi on 45 points just edging out John Dearden on 44.

After a quick lunch we all headed back to Pattaya to get ready for Colin’s birthday party.  When we got back the staff had everything under control so by 7 p.m. the place was filling nicely and after seeing off the buffet the presentations were made.  Colin thanked everyone for coming on behalf of himself and Paulie, with Paulie running round getting notes pinned to his garland – he’s certainly a chip off the old block.  Phil presented Colin with an old rat that he had found on the course and it certainly suited him.  The evening finished with a few songs lead by Phil and Nick and this quickly empted the bar!

Note: The Ferdinand golf bar is situated on Soi Buakhao 150m from Pattaya Tai (south) road.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and put your name on the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.