Sa shoots a scorcher at Green Valley


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Khao Yai was the destination for our February trip, leaving the bar on Sunday morning with 8 groups.

After settling into the hotel in Pak Chong, our first day’s play was at Khao Yai Country Club where we found the course to be in great shape with fast greens.  The winning scores were mid to low forties, as is usually the case here, and it was a pleasant day out with just a soft breeze to keep the teams a bit cooler. 

There was a two-way count back for fourth place, with Alan Bartlett just edging Tony McDonough courtesy of 24 points on the back nine after both signed for 42 in total.  In third place was Auke with 43 points and then it was another count back for the top spot, eventually taken by Penn Carruthers with 44 points and 26 on the back over Greig Ritchie’s 23.

Sa, Nu and On.Sa, Nu and On.

There were three ‘2’s, coming from Ian Heddle, Penn Caruthers and Wayne Cotterell.

Day two of the trip saw us tackle Rancho Charnvee G.C. where, again, the course was in good nick but some of the lies were a little skinny.  The greens were like lightening and that, coupled with the swales, made for a few three-putts.

You don’t normally see scores in the 40s on this course but today was a little different, with a count back for fourth spot on 37 points seeing John Player take it ahead of Greig Ritchie in fifth.  Third place went to Capt Bob with 40 points, second to Tony McDonough with 41 and in first today was Noddy Moyle with a fine 42.

There were ‘2’s galore, coming from Noddy, Bob Philp, Richard Steadman, Glyn Davies, Rosco, Mal Farquharson, Phil Waite, Ian Heddle and Peter Hynard.

Kevin Wild and Richard Steadman.Kevin Wild and Richard Steadman.

Sir James was the challenge on the final day and the course was not at its usual best, with bumpy greens and extremely quick.  Some golfers though can handle the conditions better than others.

The scores were relatively good, with a two-way count seeing Wayne Cotterell pushed into fifth and Kevin Wild taking fourth after both totaled 37 points each.  Second and third went to a count-back also on 39 points, with Ian Heddle taking third and Penn Carruthers getting second.  The winner meanwhile was Richard Steadman with a fine 41 points.

There were five ‘2’s, coming from Barry Copestake, Kevin Wild, Richard Steadman, Mal Roberts and Peter Hynard.

The overall three day winner was announced as Noddy Moyle with 119 combined points, ahead of Penn Carruthers second (118), Richard Steadman third (116) and Greig Ritchie fourth (112).

Wednesday, Feb. 18, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley was a pleasant change after three days up in Khao Yai, not that there is anything wrong with Khao Yai but three nights of heavy drinking does make you a little lethargic, which made it surprising the number of intrepid players that showed up today.

With 8 groups playing we got away a little early and were gone in no time for a four hour round.  The scores were very good, with 36 getting fifth for Jim Grieve on a count back over Deleral Michel.  Fourth place went to J.P. Maffray with 38 points, him being beaten by Anucha Pulbrook due to her having 21 points on the back nine to J.Js 19.  Second place was taken by another lady, Jittina Tinpranee (On), with 39 points, and coming in first was Nichawan Khiaophuang (Sa) with a great 42.

There was only one ‘2’ and that went to Bob Van Mol.

Friday, Feb. 20, Pattavia – Stableford

Not having been to Pattavia since the new club house was opened it was a pleasure to play the course today, which was in great condition, although a little wet in places.  They have had a lot of rain and they got a lot more today, as we finished the 18th hole down it came in bucket loads.  We felt a bit sorry for the lads out behind us as I’m sure some would never have been able to finish their round.

The only thing about playing this course is the road in, which is in a terrible condition.  I know they are working on it but we won’t be going back till it is finished.

As usual the greens were lightening fast but not as quick as they could have been without the rain.  We got away to a bit earlier start which is just as well with 7 groups we were all in and showered in about 4 and ½ hours.

There were some good scores with 35 points giving fourth place to Kevin Wild on a count back over Bob Newell.  Third spot went to Graham Parsonage with 36 points, second to Jim Grieve with 38, and topping the podium was the inform Richard Steadman with a great 40 points.

There were four ‘2’s, coming from George Barrie, Uta Wolter, Kevin Wild and Bob Philp.

Note:  The Billabong is situated just off Siam Country Club Road looking straight down Lake Mabprachan.  Call in or give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 if you are looking for a game.