Rothwell on a roll


PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, April 11, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Alan Rothwell (7) 38pts

T2nd Phil Smedley (15) 28pts

T2nd Brian Carr (27) 28pts

This is a roundup of our golf over the last fortnight as we were (fortunately) away on our Songkran Trip to Khao Yai.

We had only one event in the Pattaya area over Songkran and Green Valley was the venue.  The course is getting better now and there was one guy who made the best of it.  Rothwell is the name and golf is the game as the New Yorker won by a massive 10-stroke margin!  Looks like Alan was getting ready for the mountains of Khao Yai.

Parched fairways but spectacular scenery at Khao Yai Golf Club.

With a tie at 28 points it was Phil Smedley and Brian Carr following on the podium steps: this is Phil’s first appearance on the boards since brother Gary was in town, so hopefully our fearless Captain is getting his game back.

Thursday, April 14, Rancho Charnvee (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Jimmy Brackett (7) 35pts

T1st Peter LeNoury (11) 35pts

T1st Phil Smedley (15) 35pts

We departed right on time at 08:30 for the 3 hour 15 minute drive up to Pak Chong and the Hill Hotel would be our home for the next 6 nights.  After the ladies and kids were dropped off it was 20 minutes up to Rancho Charnvee and the first round of our tour.  We heard on the radio that this is the hottest summer in 50 years, and we believed it!

Rancho was very dry, the fairway grass was a golden brown but the greens and fringe were just fine.  The ball sat up well in the fairway so no complaints there.  Our 4-day comp for the “Man of the Mountain” was the best 3 stableford scores of your 4 rounds so it was important to get off to a good start.

An unusual 3-way tie found buddies Jimmy Brackett and Peter LeNoury tied with Cap’t. Phil on the 35 point mark with the rest of the field close behind.

Friday, April 15, Panorama (white tees) – Stableford

1st Alan Rothwell (7) 33pts

2nd Jimmy Brackett (7) 32pts

3rd Kenny Aihara (5) 30pts

After recovering from the previous nights’ wine and cheese party, our dreary heads were piled into the van and a few cars to head out to Panorama, another beautiful golf course up here and just 30 minutes from Pak Chong.

Yep, the course was dry but a bit greener than Rancho.  There is also an abundance of flora and bright fauna on this course to add to the visual appeal and the big elevation changes on some of the holes is certainly justification for the course name.

There was that Jimmy Brackett again, right up there in sole second spot after his win on Thursday, and Kenny Aihara just behind with 30 on the card.  With a 33, it was Alan Rothwell who took the day after a fine round in some sweltering weather, so well played to you, Alan.

Monday, April 18, Bonanza (blue tees) – Stableford

1st Micky Beresford (19) 39pts

T2nd Jimmy Brackett (7) 36pts

T2nd Alan Rothwell (7) 36pts

Wow, a golf course with green fairways!  Bonanza was a sight to behold, you would hardly know there was a drought up here and in a few hours we would find out why.  I had forgotten how darn good this track is.  It obviously has this funky cowboy theme and is a sprawling resort complex with sports facilities other than golf in a beautiful mountain setting.  The course is classic western parkland and the bouldering around the course is their signature.

It was also cooler today and as the day progressed, the clouds began to form.  Our first 3 groups finished dry in the clubhouse but the last groups had to take shelter from a storm from nowhere that pelted down on us for 40 minutes.  Since we were already drenched, it was decided to drive back to the clubhouse for lunch.  It ended up being just me and Billy Eyles that headed back to the 17th par 3, but well worth it as I finished the 18th par-5 with a par.  Now we know how the fairways stayed so green!

That left me well short of the leaders and it was me ol’ China Micky Beresford that stood atop the podium today with a towering 39 points.  Not often you hear towering and Micky in the same sentence, but there ya go.

Guess who was behind Mick, none other than Jimmy and Alan, both with respectable 36’s on the card to make the contest a two man race.  It was also great to have Micky’s little ‘un Macey on board to keep my Ally entertained, and now they are best mates.

Tuesday, April 19, Khao Yai G.C. (blue tees) – Stableford

1st Bob Newell (9) 41pts

2nd Alan Rothwell (7) 40pts

3rd John Emmerson (12) 38pts

T4th Martin Zimmerman (15) 37pts

T4th Rod Stevens (21) 37pts

Well, well, well, if it wasn’t our former golf captain who just got off his motorbike, teed it up and won the comp out here today.  Mr. Newell joined us for these last 2 rounds and he must give a big tip to Micky who hauled his clubs all the way up here.  Bobby shot the best score of the tournament and his 41 points took him to the top!

He was at it again, Alan Rothwell put in a 40 point card for another great round and second place out here today.  Emmerson had his best round today and 38 was good enough for third.  The Z -man found his form, and his cigars, to get Martin in a tie for 4th with Rod Stevens.  I played with Rod at Panorama and he had a tough go of it.  It was good to see him shake off those golf demons and rally back with a sweet 37 to cap off the trip.

Thanks again to all who joined us on our great getaway to Khao Yai for the eighth year running!

Friday, April 22, Khao Kheow (yellow tees) – Stableford

T1st Anthony Taylor (18) 33pts

T1st Alan Rothwell (7) 33pts

3rd Dave Ferris (21) 31pts

It must have been hot and tough out there today as the scores never got past the 33 mark.  Dave Ferris has been a great help with our “Caddy Smile” programme so this presents a good opportunity to give him our thanks.  Dave and Cap’t. Phil have been looking after the dental needs of a dozen local caddies and it is greatly appreciated.

This has been just a cut and paste article this week as the ever-present Alan Rothwell found his way to the podium one more time!  This time, Alan shared the win with Anthony Taylor on 33 as well.  No disrespect Alan, but a lot of guys will be happy for you to take a summer break back to The Big Apple!

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