Roger rises from the ashes

Roger Wilkinson & Nino Dinardo.
Roger Wilkinson & Nino Dinardo.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, August 20, Silky Oak – Stableford

1st David Booth (16) 38pts

2nd Colin Smith (13) 34pts

3rd Mitch Ikeda (19) 34pts

We started the week off at Silky Oak where the course staff are still struggling to provide decent greens to putt on. They have had a problem with the greens for quite some time now and although they’re not getting any worse, they’re not getting any better either.

This obviously suited David Booth who has a love/hate relationship with his putter and prefers to smash the ball to the hole, eliminating any subtle breaks. David scored an impressive 38 points and took the number one spot for the first time since June 2017.

Tuesday, August 21, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

1st Roger Wilkinson (16) 41pts

2nd Gary Bloomfield (19) 39pts

3rd James Kwon (16) 38pts

Tuesday at Phoenix and the fire in the belly was certainly aglow as Roger Wilkinson stood poised on the first tee. His last outing at Phoenix was two weeks ago where he only managed to score a measly 26 points. His regular caddie of over ten years was disgusted in his performance and must have given him a real roasting as today he set the course on fire with an incredible 41 points. With the status quo returned they walked off the 18th arm in arm, a truly formidable team.

Wednesday, August 22, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

1st Mitch Ikeda (19) 28pts

2nd John Duffy (17) 28pts

3rd Nino Dinardo (19) 27pts

Mountain Shadow is not an easy course but there is no excuse for the scores that were posted today. Not one player got near their handicap and a ridiculous twenty eight points won the day. Mitch Ikeda, who is an absolute gentleman and is extremely well liked, was gob-smacked when he was announced the winner. Mitch accepted his first ever TRGG win with the grace and humility that is synonymous with his culture.

Friday, August 24, Burapha – Stableford

1st Nino Dinardo (19) 35pts

2nd Roger Wilkinson (15) 34pts

3rd New Boysen (21) 34pts

Friday and the boys were out in force at Burapha’s A & B courses. So much so that for the first time this week we required two flights.

In division one it was Freddy Starbeck who led the charge with a superb 40 points. Freddy, who has a standing “loser pays for the round” bet with his playing partner Christian has been on a losing streak lately and was contemplating taking out a second mortgage to cover his loses, but this was put on hold as he destroyed his fellow Dane today. Christian limped home a massive fourteen shots behind and even had to borrow money off Freddy to pay for his caddie.

In division two the scoring was not as high but the competition for first place was just as fierce. Nino Dinardo, who bears a striking resemblance to Leonardo Dicaprio with the wit and charm to match, put up a Titanic struggle and produced an Oscar winning performance to earn the right to stroll down the red carpet to the applause and accolades of his thespian peers.

Saturday, August 25, Crystal Bay – Stableford

1st Mitch Ikeda (19) 38pts

2nd Jim Cleaver (15) 37pts

3rd Carmen Hurdon (11) 35pts

We closed the week with a trip to Crystal Bay where Mitch Ikeda, who had just recently recorded his first TRGG victory, went on to post a second first place finish with an impressive 38 points.