Road Runner outpaces the field


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Wow what a finish it was to the Open, the best I can ever remember with both Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson not giving an inch.  It was almost a shame that there had to be a loser but that is life I am afraid, someone has to win and someone has to lose, so well done Henrik and bad luck Phil.

Richard Talbot.
Richard Talbot.

This of course is what sport is all about, it is why it is universally popular and it is why most of us even into old age still get a thrill out of taking part.  Long may it be that way.

It was a Public Holiday in Thailand at the beginning of this week so that meant that the roads were chock-a-block and the bars were all empty (ban on sales of alcohol).

Perhaps all the people who are normally in the bars all decided to go for a drive instead, anyway chaos reigned.  Talking of raining, boy did it chuck it down this week but only overnight so our golfers escaped a drenching.  The courses however were a tad damp underfoot.

Monday, July 18, Pattana – Stableford

On Monday the TRGG got things up and running with a trip over to Pattana (B and C courses) and the previous week’s low scoring continued.

Peter Fagerland, on only his second outing with the TRGG, came up trumps and found that his 32 points was good enough to win the pot.  Ted Senior is obviously still hitting the ball pretty straight and he just managed to better Craig McAvinue but only after a count back when they both finished on 30 points.

1st Peter Fagerland (20) 32pts

2nd Ted Senior (16) 30pts

3rd Craig McAvinue (14) 30pts

Tuesday, July 19, Burapha – Stableford

It was off to our usual Tuesday venue at Burapha (A and B courses) and this time it was our Road Runner Richard Talbot who had probably just jogged down from his teaching job in Bangkok to outpace all the other competitors.  His excellent 37 points was far too good for second placed John O’Donoghue.  Johnny of course has the excuse that he can’t move as fast since he retired from train driving.  Mind you, he did plough up the fairways a bit driving his 40-tonne locomotive up and down.

John Baxter.
John Baxter.

Derek Thorogood, who came in third, normally drives very straight and very conservatively but has always been prone to throwing in a quick right or left turn when no one was expecting it and ending up in a ditch somewhere.

1st Richard Talbot (17) 37pts

2nd John O’Donoghue (19) 36pts

3rd Derek Thorogood (13) 34pts

On Wednesday the TRGG decided that there had not been enough water around for their liking so paid a visit over to play Parichat where everybody was bound to find some water.  The ball manufacturers I am sure sponsor this course and tales came back that for some the lost ball count topped double figures.  Still, besides that, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and even the guy who finished last said he would be happy to return.

John Baxter, who only last week was cut to a 15 handicap and who complained he couldn’t possibly play to something that ridiculously low, was right, but he still won the day with 33 points.  Gavin Hunt had a real tussle with Jack Mooney for second place and it took a count back to separate them.

1st John Baxter (15) 33pts

2nd Gavin Hunt (11) 32pts

3rd Jack Mooney (19) 32pts

Thursday, July 21, Green Valley – Stableford

It was back to Green Valley on Thursday as per usual.  For some time now we have had a mystery man who likes to travel incognito and changes his name on a regular basis to avoid detection.  He is obviously a spy or some other underworld figure who occasionally steps out of the shadows to play a round of golf with the TRGG.  Anyway, on Thursday and Friday of this week he cleaned up.

At Green Valley our mystery man finished well ahead of Timothy Dalton who once upon a time played James Bond of course.  Was Tim really only playing golf or is he still with British Intelligence and is hot on our mystery man’s trail.  Only time will tell but I thought I did detect a Beretta poking out of Tim’s shorts, well it was certainly something short and metallic looking.  Richard Talbot was still running and he took third place.  Needless to say there are no photos available of the winner.

1st Seil Peter (6) 37pts

2nd Tim Dalton (20) 34pts

3rd Richard Talbot (16) 33pts

Friday, July 22, Treasure Hill – Stableford

On Friday there was a last minute change of venue and it was over to play Treasure Hill (A and B courses) for our patrons.  This was obviously to the benefit of our man of mystery as it obviously threw off his tail who was probably still waiting for him at Bangpakong.  Anyway, he cleaned up for the second day running and took his winnings before disappearing back into the shadows.   Ted Senior tried to hang on to his coat tails but just came up short.  Ted, however, just got his nose ahead of Darren Stanton who finished on the same score but had to settle for third place.

1st Seil Peter (6) 32pts

2nd Ted Senior (17) 31pts

3rd Darren Stanton (15) 31pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG please phone Derek Thorogood on 080 673 3118 or pop into the Valentines Guest House (Restaurant and Bar) in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.