Ritchie on a roll goes back-to-back


The Billabong Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 14, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Monday this week was Mountain Shadow, and by all accounts the course was in grand condition, the comment was the best we have ever seen it.  That was probably why there were so many good scores in – it’s not often anyone gives this course a going over but it happened today.

There were 4 groups playing and in the winner’s circle was Greig Ritchie with 39 points ahead of Chris Dodd with 38 on a count back over Phil Waite, also 38.

There were no ‘2’s again today which is quite incredible as the par 3s here are really not that long.

Wednesday, Jan. 16, Green Valley – Stableford

Our Normal Wednesday run down 36 to Green Valley was uneventful apart from some of the lads coming having the unfortunate experience of seeing a car that had been squashed by a truck by the Bira racetrack, not a pretty sight.

Phil Waite, Greig Ritchie and Chris Dodd – top three at Mountain Shadow.Phil Waite, Greig Ritchie and Chris Dodd – top three at Mountain Shadow.

The golf however was great, with overcast conditions, not too hot and the course was in magnificent shape.

The scores were not as good as expected though, with 34 points winning the day.  It’s not often you get a golfer that hits every par 3 and not get a ‘2’ but Jim Bell managed to do it today.  Bad luck mate!

The winner today was Greig Ritchie with 34 points on a count back over Martin Hayes while in third was Bob Lindborg with 33 ahead of John Ryves with 32, who beat Glyn Davies on a count back also.  The bogey on the last didn’t help did it mate, better luck next time.

Friday, Jan. 18, The Emerald – Stableford

Emerald today and it was in great condition, a bit of a slow round just under 5 hours but the field was moving along albeit slowly.  The greens were something else again; they were that fast even the ball markers were moving when you looked at them.  A lot fun though among the players and you could hear the banter everywhere.

There were not too many grand scores in today but it was very close at the top.  The winner was Glyn Davies with 33 points, closely followed by Bob Pearce with 32 and third was our mate from Ireland Mick Bowes with 31.  The rest, including the scribe, were also-rans.

Only one 2 today and that came from the old master himself Bob Pearce.

Note:  If you are looking for a game or just a cold beer, call into the Billabong just off Siam Country Road or call Bob on 082 204 3411.  Next Friday we are playing a four-ball scramble at Crystal Bay.