Reijo rules at the Valley


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Dec. 8, Burapha – Stableford

1st Wally Brown (15) 36pts

2nd Kim Danboise (15) 36pts

3rd Geoff Stimpson (06) 33pts

4th Barney Clarkson (27) 32pts

5th John Cunningham (05) 30pts

Five groups played C and D for a change with most finding it harder and less well presented than our usual A and B nines.  Wally Brown chalked up another win with 36pts on c/b from Kim Danboise.  In third was Geoff Stimpson (33) from Barney Clarkson (32) and John Cunningham (30) was fifth.

Welcome back to Jarod Braithwaite and also to John Cogan who celebrated his return by having a ‘2’ on C5 along with John Cunningham, who had one on D8.

(L-R): Gerry Roche, Reijo Heiskanen and Bruce McAdam.(L-R): Gerry Roche, Reijo Heiskanen and Bruce McAdam.

Outback observation: Weather – fine and a cool breeze; Check in – friendly & efficient as ever; Tee time – early; Fairways – ok; Rough – brutal; Greens – medium but true; Bunkers – varied; Value for money – average for high season; Pace of play – under4hrs; Drink stations open – all but no food; Restaurant – not visited.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Scott Wilson (20) 39pts

2nd Wally Brown (15) 39pts

3rd Stephen Mann (10) 36pts

4th Guy Brennan (09) 34 pts

5th Andy Makara (25) 32 pts

Today was Constitution Day and although the holiday price had increased a fair amount for walkers, for most of our players who prefer to cart the increase was negligible, so well done Khao Kheow.

17 players turned out and we were away early.  Even though the course was quite busy our front three-balls sped round the first nine (A) in about one and a half hours, and the course was in as good a nick as we have seen it in a long time.

The previous week’s Jack’s 500 baht bar voucher challenge, set at 37pts, was won by Wally Brown; this week, set with the same target, Wally did it again and so did Scott Wilson as they both scored well to record 39pts apiece.  Unfortunately for Wally he was unable to return to the bar and has since headed home to Aus but we will see you in March next year on your return.

Steve Mann was third with 36pts, with which he was a little disappointed having scored 21 of them on the first nine holes.

Scott Wilson got the only ‘2’ on B8

Outback observation: Weather – sunny with an early stiff wind; Check in – good; Tee time – 10 mins early; Fairways – excellent; Rough – fair; Greens – quick and tricky; Bunkers – good; Value for money – a good deal for holiday; Pace of play – under 4hrs; Drink stations open – all; Restaurant – good

Friday, Dec. 12, Green Valley – Medal

1st Reijo Heiskanen (20) net 67

T2nd Mark Allen (18) net 70

T2nd Stephen Blazsanyik (21) net 70

T4th Peter Mansini (7) net 71

T4th Gerry Roche (18) net 71

T6th Jean P Maffray (11) net 72

T6th Bruce McAdam (25) net 72

T6th Andy Makara (25) net 72

Today we had our monthly medal, kindly sponsored as usual by Greg Hirst of the DeVere Financial Group, and General Jack had set today’s target of 67 net or better to receive 500 baht spend back at the bar.  We had a large field of 46 players today, which was very good as a few of our regular players were marshalling up at Amata Springs.

Welcome back to Kev Hamilton, Bobby Driggs, Chopper, Grant, Peter & Jarod, the latter deciding to perform his party piece on the golf course to prove to his fellow golfers that he could out drive them all by teeing off on his knees and he hit a creamer of a shot and yup, he out drove them all.  Welcome also to all the Finns; Reijo, Seppo, Jukka, Matti & Petri and John Seton’s group all of whom NR’d.

Finally, apologies from Jack for missing one entire group off the start sheet; Geoff, Waldo, Mark & Dave.

Reijo won the day with a net 67, thus also winning Jack’s voucher to spend in the bar and he was three clear of two players with net 70’s; Mark Allen & Waldo.  Peter & Gerry both scored 71’s with three more tied on 72, namely JP, B2 & Andy.

Unbelievably there were ten ‘2’s from Peter Erikson & Gerry Roche (5th), Kim Danboise, Bobby Driggs, Jean Maffray & Dennis Pelly (8th), Mark Allen, Stephen Blazsanyik & Kim Danboise (12th) and Kerry Rothman (17th).

Outback opinion: Weather – Blue sky with a strong breeze on the front nine, back nine wind subdued; Check in – good; Tee time – 20 mins early; Fairways – good; Rough – good; Greens – average; Bunkers – average; Value for money – acceptable; Pace of play – just over 4hrs; Drink stations open – all; Restaurant – not visited.