Regan the boss at Burapha


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 29, Burapha – Stableford

A Flight

1st Pat Regan (15) 40pts

2nd Mike Missler (11) 37pts

3rd Don Anderson (14) 35pts

B Flight

1st Ed Turner (23) 38pts

2nd Paul Watts (29) 36pts

3rd Bob Lindborg (26) 33pts

Playing the C & D courses this week and another good field turned up.  These 2 nines always play a little harder, so it was encouraging to see some really good scores come in.

Paul Watts with Bruce Mcadam and Wayne Cotterell.

In the B division (18+) we saw Bob Lindborg getting a good score again with 33 points to land him third place.  In second, with a very good 36 points, was Paul Watts and the B division winner was Ed turner with a great 38.  It was great to see Ed come good in his last week playing with us before returning to the USA.

In the A division, Dennis Pelly enjoyed his favorite course enough to get him 35 points and third place.  In the prices for just about every round that he has played recently, Mike Missler achieved second here today with a neat 37 points.  A pat on the back this week goes to Pat Regan who scored an awesome 40 points to take the win.

Four 2’s were recorded, by Pat Regan, Lindsay Hawkes, Tommy Jensen and Ed Turner.

Friday, March 4, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Robert Finley (18) 41pts

2nd Mike Missler (11) 38pts

3rd Cotterell Wayne (15) 36pts

4th Jean Maffray (15) 36pts

B Flight

1st Paul Watts (23) 38pts

2nd Ronnalyn Carungay (36) 37pts

3rd Gordon Clegg (35) 35pts

4th Bruce McAdam (25) 34pts

It was another busy day for us with a good turnout of regulars and tourists.  We’re seeing a couple of complaints starting to trickle in due to the maintenance work being carried out on this course, and we advised all players to use the GUR rule for the barren patches on the fairways where the invading grasses have been removed. (In line with the sign posted at the clubhouse).  So I guess we will just have to play around these areas for the next couple of weeks until it’s been fixed with new grass.

Scoring was good and in line with what one would expect and in Division B, Bruce Mcadam was in the prizes for the second time this week with 34 points.  Gordon Clegg returned a good 35 points to come in third, followed by Rona Carungay on 36 points and our B division winner, Paul Watts scored a brilliant 38 points from his newly revised 21 handicap index.

In the A division, Wayne Cotterell scored a 36-pointer to beat JP Maffray, whose golf is continuing to improve, to finish third on count back.  Mike Missler was again in the prizes with 38 points in second place and Bob Finley was our big winner with a fantastic 41 points.

There were four ‘2’s recorded, by KB Lee, Cotty, Kim Danboise and Bob Lindborg.