Ratte on fire at Bangpakong


PSC Golf from the Café Kronborg

Monday, Feb. 9, Bangpakong – Stableford

The glorious Bangpakong Riverside course was the challenge today and we teed off under sunny skies and in breezy conditions.  The course, as we have come to expect, was in fine shape and was also quite busy but we managed a round of 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Two flights were required and Peter Sindberg took the A Flight with a fine 41 points while two points back Peter Bygballe took second on c/b over Kjeld Ravn.  Ulf Larsson and Elias Magnusson completed the podium in fourth and fifth.

Ronnie Ratte and Peter Sindberg with Dave Richardson.Ronnie Ratte and Peter Sindberg with Dave Richardson.

Ronnie Ratte took the B Flight honours by a country mile with a fantastic 46 points.  Dave Richardson came in second six points behind and Torben Sorensen won a count back for third over Mike Winfield and Kurt Sandgaard.

A Flight (0-21)

1st Peter Sindberg (13) 41pts

2nd Peter Bygballe (21) 39pts

3rd Kjeld Ravn (19) 39pts

4th Ulf Larsson (14) 37pts

5th Elias Magnusson (20) 36pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Ronnie Ratte (25) 46pts

2nd Dave Richardson (26) 39pts

3rd Torben Sorenson (22) 33pts

4th Mike Winfield (24) 33pts

5th Kurt Sandgaard (31) 33pts

Long Putts: #9 Terry Pettit, #18 Colin Blues

Near Pins: #4 Carole Kubicki, #7 Elias Magnusson, #13 Peter Sindberg, #16 Kjeld Ravn

Thursday, Feb. 12, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Peter Bygballe (21) 39pts

2nd Kenneth Madsen (17) 31pts

3rd Carole Kubicki (21) 31pts

4th Richard Kubicki (11) 31pts

5th Lotte Boskov (19) 30pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Mike Winfield (24) 37pts

2nd Ragne (24) 35pts

3rd Tom Cotton (23) 35pts

4th Steen Habersaat (26) 34pts

5th Jan Lovgreen (22) 32pts

Long Putts: #9 Kaj Aabling, #18 Ragne

Near Pins: #5 Kjeld Ravn, #7 Peter Jensen, #12 Ulla Ravn, #16 Arne Max Pedersen.

We played Pattaya Country Club today, which was overall in reasonable condition but the greens were very good, with the front nine faster the inward nine.  The new clubhouse is a first class facility, so if they can get the rest of the course up to speed it would be great.

The cut today came at handicap 21 and Peter Bygballe finished top of the A Flight with a fine 39 points.  Kenneth Madsen took second place but only after a count back decision over Carole and Richard Kubicki, all with 31 points.

Mike Winfield won the B Flight with 37 points and Ragne was second on a count back over Tom Cotton in third.  Steen Habersaat and Jan Lovgreen filled the minor places.