Rained out and in the sunshine


PSC golf from Mulligans Lakeside

Tuesday, Oct. 2, Rayong C.C. – Stableford

Tuesday was a visit to Rayong Country Club, where we started out under cloudy skies, hoping to miss the threatening rain.  After a brief shower on holes #5 & 6, we continued on until hole #12 when the heavens opened.  We played on through the deluge for 1 more hole, but then more electrical activity had some dashing for the clubhouse.  The course became unplayable so the day was finalised after 13 holes, with Willem & Jeff leading the way at the time.

Thursday, Oct. 4, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

Thursday saw a marked improvement in weather conditions, and we were at Mountain Shadow for the first time for several months.  The course was in good condition considering the amount of rain in the area recently, so we played the ball as it lay.

Trev (the Great) was a near pin winner at Mt. Shadow. Trev (the Great) was a near pin winner at Mt. Shadow.

The greens were certainly lacking the fire the course is renowned for, but still no notable scores were recorded.  Jeff Wylie (5) led the way with 32 points; usually consistent Jeff had a topsy-turvy day, not recording a par until the 11th hole, but having had 3 birdies up to then.

Paul Smith (2) was next best with 31 points and could easily have been more having missed a short putt and drowned a couple of balls on the notorious 14th.  Paul made up for it with 2 near pins while Jeff & Trevor (the Great) each got 1.

Note:  Mulligans Lakeside plays golf generally on Tuesday & Thursday, with ML hosting prompt presentations on both days.  As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome all golfers, including seniors who have opted for the “Silver” tee option.  Call 089 094 1841 for scheduling or enquiries.  Hope to see you there, cheers & good golfing!