PSC Softball welcomes some new players


Sunday Sept 9th was breezy and mostly cloudy which made for perfect playing conditions for the outstanding turnout of 27 softball players who came to the Thai Polo Club for the weekly Pattaya Sports Club softball games. 

Ernie McInerney, after not having played with us for at least a year, got the first game started with some solid hitting to right field for the Sunrise Tacos team.

Husband and wife combo of Gelena and Alex Libin, who just moved to Thailand 3 days before, helped the team along as well as both showed stunning offensive and defensive skills.  In Gelena’s first at bat she got a grounder by pro baseball player Adam Sowell at shortstop. Getting a grounder past him is harder than not being able to make a new friend, despite having 2000Bt in your pocket, while taking a late night stroll on Walking St.

Ernie blasts the ball to right field. Ernie blasts the ball to right field.

Just Burgers had the all-star outfield with Johnny Giuffrida making a few great catches.  With 2 outs and the winning run for Sunrise Tacos on 2nd base, David from Spain, made the play of the day, a diving catch on a dead run in foul territory.  This gave Just Burgers the win in game one by a score of 14-13.

It took until game two for Just Burgers first baseman Diego Wells to consume enough of what he was referring to as “medicinal drinks” to thin his blood to a level where he could perform.  Perform he did with a couple of long balls over the fence in right field (one of them so powerful it cracked one our new composite bats.)  Turns out Diego’s medicinal drink when diluted with water, to reduce its combustibility, can be used as rocket fuel.

Sunrise Tacos Dave Dolle was spraying balls in every direction keeping the defense confused on how best to  his batting barrage.  Jerry “Greased Lightening” Jorgenson added to the Sunrise Tacos team batting onslaught with a game winning triple to left center field.  Sunrise Tacos took game two 18-16 to level the series on the day.

Diego prepares to slide into 3rd base.Diego prepares to slide into 3rd base.

Note:  PSC Softball is always looking for new players regardless of skill level, experience or time away from the game.  We have players of all ages and many countries, who enjoy an afternoon of fun and exercise with a bunch of great guys.  We have some spare gloves and everything else you need, so come on out and check us out at the best softball field in Asia.

We play every Sunday at 12 noon at the Thai Polo Club.  For more information check out the softball page at the PSC website or call or email John Stockton at 089-932-5433 [email protected]