Priestly perfect at Pattavia


Bunker Boys Golf Society

Monday, April 3, Pattavia, (white tees) – Stableford

1st Trevor Priestly (22) 43pts

2nd Geoff Cox (15) 37pts

3rd Neil Carter (13) 36pts

4th Gerry Cooney (16) 35pts

Near Pins: Trevor Priestly, Mike Brett, Gerry Cooney, Peter Allen.

Unseasonal rain interrupted play for the fourth outing in eight days at today’s game at Pattavia.  The greens on the front nine had just been cored and sanded prior to play with more sand on the greens than in the bunkers.  Even worse, the sand had not been brushed in properly making putting a bit of a lottery.  Added to the mix, thousands of tiny black flies swarmed around the arms and faces of players whenever they stood still to play a shot making the whole experience difficult and unpleasant.

None of the above made the slightest bit of difference to Trevor Priestly who breezed through with an exceptional score of forty-three points from a handicap of 22.  Trevor is making a habit of playing infrequently and throwing up an exceptional score to win.  One feels he may soon have an appointment with the handicapper.

Six points back on thirty-seven points was Geoff Cox, another occasional player who scores well.  For the first time, when the numbers are between fifteen and twenty, a fourth place was awarded and this fourth position will continue as it was felt unfair that there were only three places paid up to nineteen players and then jumped up to six places when there were twenty players and two flights.  Near pins were shared between four players today.

Trevor Priestly.
Trevor Priestly.


Wednesday, April 5, Pattana – Stableford.

Only seven Bunker boys joined forty golfers from the Links Bar for the monthly competition at Pattana Sport & Country Club’s A and B courses.  The weather was cool and overcast with the ever-present threat of rain, which luckily held off.  The course was in excellent condition for this time of year, well grassed and the greens receptive.

The bane of every golfers life (slow play) was the order of the day, which led to one player being struck by a golf ball standing close to a green but out of sight from the following group.  Luckily no serious injury resulted but it serves as a timely reminder to all players to keep up with the group in front and clear the greens quickly after they finish putting.  Some golfers seem oblivious to what is going on around them and despite repeated prompting continue to play too slowly.

The Bunker boys didn’t acquit themselves very well and only two players figured amongst the prize winners.  Brett Chan won two technical awards and lost out on the major prizes on count back with a fine score of thirty-nine points.  The other prize getter was Neil Carter with a very good near pin.

Bunker Boy scores: Brett Chan 39, Tony Robbins 35, Geoff Parker 34, Neil Carter and Michael Brett 33, Les Cobban 32, Jimmy Carr 30.


Friday, April 7, Khao Kheow (yellow tees) – Stableford.

1st Mike Brett (16) 30pts

2nd Tony Robbins (19) 30pts

3rd Geoff Parker (14) 30pts

Near Pins: Tony Robbins, Trevor Priestly, Jimmy Carr, Geoff Cox.

Recent golf reports have at times looked more like weather reports and today was no different as unseasonal wet weather dominated play.  The front-nine was played in overcast oppressively hot conditions but this all changed on the back-nine.  The rain, which had been threatening for some time, tumbled down in torrents accompanied by thunder and lightning and required a break in play of about fifteen minutes.  On resumption of play, the fairways were sodden with no run whatsoever and greens had pools of water in places.

The difficulty of the conditions was reflected in the scores with the top three players reaching only thirty points, the final places being decided on count back.  Near pins were shared between four players.