Players take a beating at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 14, Burapha – Stableford

We played the Burapha C and D sides on Monday and on some parts of the course it was very wet to say the least; just reminds us the rainy season is on the way.  As I write this story (Tuesday) it is pelting down here at the bar so I feel a little bit for the boys playing our regular spot just up the road at Pattaya Country Club.

Anyway at Burapha, the course was in great condition as usual and it was off to an early start about 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled tee time of 10 a.m. and the day took just over 4 hours which was good.

Friday’s winners: Ole Aarrestad (Div A winner) with Tony Pieroni (Div B winner), centre, and the day’s top scorer and Div C winner Bert Ulrich. Friday’s winners: Ole Aarrestad (Div A winner) with Tony Pieroni (Div B winner), centre, and the day’s top scorer and Div C winner Bert Ulrich.

With 29 players the Capt’ went at the back as a five-ball and had his butt kicked big time by Neil, the Project Manager, but amid all the banter our Irish friend Gerry O’Dwyer got in some laughs, and even our five-ball only took 10 minutes more.

There were some good scores in today from the three Aussie boys who went home at the end of the week; Kim (Div A winner with 39 points), he’s been cut 4 shots since he’s been here and he’s still winning, and also Greg and Colin (Div B first & second both on 37).

Welcome back to Martin Grimoldby who got in late Sunday night and was telling me on the tee box that he was jet-lagged to hell but couldn’t think of anything better to do than play golf.  Jet-lag or not, 37 points off H/cap 5 is a great round of golf.  That earned him second place in Div A with Steve Mann (35pts) in third and a massive six way count-back for fourth all on 34.

There were six ‘2’s coming from Barry Ennis, Ken Priddy, Gerry O’Dwyer, Ian Bakewell, Alan Pilkington and Greg Hill.

Div A (0-15)

1st Kim Stokes (14) 39pts

2nd Martin Grimoldby (5) 37pts

3rd Steve Mann (8) 35pts

4th John Cunningham (7) 34pts

Div B [16+]

1st Greg Hill (26) 37pts

2nd Colin Oliver (18) 37pts

3rd Andrew Makara (30) 35pts

4th Stuart Sutton (22) 35pts

Tuesday, Feb. 15, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

The first wet day this year but somehow the 19 Outbackers here today got round, even though they did look a bit bedraggled.  37 points was the score of the day, in both divisions, if you couldn’t manage that in Div A in particular, you were a mere also-ran.

The top two were Alan Whittingham and Paul Smets, who could only be separated on a count-back over the last three holes, better known to the regulars, as Amen corner – just ask our Turnip!  Alan got the nod and the two of them were a long way clear of the rest, headed by John Locke with 31.

JinJo O’Neill and Geoff Moodie were the two at the top of Div B, finishing in that order with David Spendley a couple back in third on 35.

There were only two ‘2’s from Suzi Lawton and Alan Whittingham.

Div A (0–18)

1st Alan Whittingham (16) 37pts

2nd Paul Smets (17) 37pts

3rd John Locke (15) 31pts

Div B (19+)

1st Martin O’ Neill (30) 37pts

2nd Geoff Moodie (22) 37pts

3rd David Spendley (22) 35pts

Wednesday, Feb. 16, The Emerald – Stableford

It may have been the earlier than normal start time (9 a.m.) but an unusually small group of just 14 Outbackers were at the Emerald today, however the scoring was very competitive at the top.

The course was reported to be in fair condition and the greens excellent; but once again, in spite of their promises to the contrary, carts were in short supply and the players had to share.

Three out of the top four, who are all in this month’s ladder competition, all scored one ladder point each and all occupy the first three ladder places, so there’s no change there.  Paul Greenaway had the day’s top score of 36, followed in by Owen Walkley, who was twelve over par on the first nine, woke up, and then came back in one over par for his 35 points.  Muzza got the better of the Sugarman on count-back, both with 34.

There were three ‘2’s today from Gerry O’Dwyer, Murray Hart and Mark McDonald.

1st Paul Greenaway (10) 36pts

2nd Owen Walkley (12) 35pts

3rd Murray Hart (14) 34pts

4th Sugar Ray Handford (16) 34pts

Friday, Feb. 18, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Thirty-six Outbackers decided to play Khao Kheow, even though it was a holiday and higher rates applied and the course was busy.  The course was again in great condition and the pace of play was quite good considering the number of players out there.

We played the A and B courses from the yellow markers and conditions really were perfect for a good round of golf.  Unfortunately the course was once again the winner, with Burt Ulrich (11) the only golfer capable of reaching 34 points (the day’s top score), which also gave him the win in Div B.  He was followed in by Tony McDonough, who beat Chris Davisson on count-back, both with 32.

Div A, supposedly the elite players, also failed to impress as Ole Aarrestad, playing off 6, won with a lowly 31 from Angus Neilson, also off 6, with believe it or not, just 29.

Div C didn’t fare much better, with a newbie to the Outback, Tony Pieroni getting the win again with 31 points on a count-back from Shay Mitchell.

Elsewhere, it was bad news for the February ladder leaders as none of them gained a point and for the Sugarman, it was a really bad day out, as he could only manage 23 points, which represents a loss of 2 points on the ladder.

Finally, there was another “Roo Cup”, this time between Steve Milne & Paul Greenaway (Eng) and Andy Butterworth & Drew Robertson (Scot), with the English pair getting the win on the last hole.  However, looking at their individual scores, it didn’t look as though Paul contributed too much, sorry mate but 19 points, what happened?

There was a “jackpot 2” from Chris Davisson and all the boys wanted a bell ring but Chris was not at the presentation, so bad luck fellas.

Div A (0–10)

1st Ole Aarrestad (6) 31pts

2nd Angus Neilson (6) 29pts

3rd Steve Mann (8) 27pts

Div B (11-15)

1st Bert Ulrich (11) 34pts

2nd Tony McDonough (14) 32pts

3rd Chris Davisson (11) 32pts

Div C (16+)

1st Tony Pieroni (16) 31pts

2nd Shay Mitchell (19) 31pts

3rd Barry Ennis (16) 28pts

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