Pierre takes the Captain’s role


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday, Feb. 13, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Thierry Petrement (12) 41pts

2nd Gary Blackburne (8) 41pts

3rd Peter Kelly (9) 39pts

4th Steve Mulberry (10) 38pts

B Flight

1st Dave Driscoll (12) 40pts

2nd Colm Mullen (13) 38pts

3rd Peter Ennis (12) 36pts

4th Silvio Bizzotto (12) 36pts

C Flight

1st Jez Lees (15) 40pts

2nd Barry Tregurtha (15) 39pts

3rd Geoff Kubas (18) 37pts

4th Don Lehmer (17) 37pts

D Flight

1st Christy Knight (20) 38pts

2nd Lou Zig Zag (20) 38pts

3rd Michael Craven (19) 37pts

4th Jim Elphick (24) 35pts

Ladies Flight

1st Patsada lyves (Sang) (12) 37pts

2nd Yui Bietry (10) 36pts

Near Pins: No 4 Steve Mulberry, No 9 Jack Grindvold, No 12 Colm Mullen, No 16 Pierre Bietry.

This Sunday was Pierre’s ‘Captain’s Day’ tournament.  The weather was hot and humid with a slight breeze which helped to cool things down.  The players were met on the first tee by ‘One ball’ George who had been allocated official starter and photographer duties. George made sure everyone got away on time and the standard of play was exceptional with the course being in fine condition.

Captain’s Day’s winners: (Left to right) Sang, Jez, Pierre, Garry and ThierryCaptain’s Day’s winners: (Left to right) Sang, Jez, Pierre, Garry and Thierry

It is always tough to lose to a count back and it is always tough to lose with 41 points.  To lose the prestigious Captain’s Day the same way is even tougher.  Well it happened to Gary Blackburne who finished in second spot in A Flight and runner up overhaul.  Winning the day and the Captains coveted trophy was Pierre’s good friend Thierry Petremont.  Peter Kelly posted a very impressive 39 points for the bronze, closely followed by Steve Mulberry a further shot back.

Big hitting Dave Driscol showed all his metal in B Flight, carding a rock solid 40 points for the win.  Dave’s drive on the 18th hole very nearly made the green.  Peter Ennis edged Silvio Bizzotto for the silver whilst Reg McKay was awarded the fourth place spot.

Hold it, administration error, arriving back at Lewiinski’s the golf manager was informed that an updated handicap list had been delivered which led to more than a hours delay in the proceedings.  While it did not make a lot of difference to most, it did to one particular player, Irishman Colm Mullen, who had been placed third in C Flight and so once placed in his rightful position in B Flight, Colm’s pride was restored.

As for Reg, well he had been done up like a, you got it – a kipper!  Reg, good Scot that he is, did somehow manage to hang on to the prize.

The fine play continued in C Flight, as the Principal put together one of his more memorable rounds for a splendid 40 points and a super piece of cut glass for his famous trophy cabinet.  Barry Tregurtha, always a welcome addition to the ranks, filled second spot while Elvis Kubas was on song for the bronze.  Don ‘Hey where’s my Prize’ Lehmer rounded out the flight as he out pointed the Donkey and Dale Shier.

Christy ‘Good’ Knight put the hurt on Lou Zigzag in the minor flight with the aid of a count-back as both were locked on 38 points.  Michael Craven was a shot adrift in third as Jimmy ‘Two shots’ Elphick filled the flight a further two back.

Thai lady Sang won the ladies flight and the cut glass winner’s trophy, and the red hot Yui Bietry got the right result in the following count-back over Sim Davis and Jum Karagit.

Technical prizes, went as follows: Hole no 6 – nearest the box: Peter Ennis; Longest drive hole no 2 (+2-10) Peter Kelly, (11-15) Peter Ennis, (16-36) Pat Culloty, (Ladies) Jum Karagit.  Hole no 18 – longest first putt: Garry Blackburne..

Returning to Lewiinski’s after the game the players were welcomed to a splendid Lewiinski’s buffet, after a little delay as mentioned and prior to the presentation, Pierre gave a rousing speech and thanked all who had gave their time to make this a day to remember.

The Baan Jing Jai Orphanage benefited from the hitting the green competition to the tune of 22,000 baht, which was doubled by a very generous player, and was then added to the total that was raised at George and Don’s birthday bash, approximately 74.000 baht.

The festivities went on long into the night.

Monday, Feb. 14, Crystal Bay – Crystal Bay

1st Barry Copestake (15) 38pts

2nd Colm Mullen (13) 36pts

3rd Bert Ulrich (11) 35pts

A relatively modest group, attributable to the back-to-back playing days, took on the favorite of many, Crystal Bay.

Barry the boot Copestake fashioned a sparkling 38 points for the best score of the day.  Barry was also the only player to better par.  Ireland’s happy go lucky Colm Mullen took up his usual podium place with a rock solid even par round.  The final place needed the aid of a calculator which saw Bert Ulrich triumph over Irishman Pat Hanafin and the Donkey.

The Donkey and Bert Ulrich split the 2’s pot.

Wednesday, Feb. 16, The Emerald – Stableford

A Flight

1st Ed Wyckoff (10) 36pts

2nd Tore Eliassen (13) 35pts

3rd Peter Hynard (12) 34pts

B Flight

1st Andre Fortis (17) 36pts

2nd Mike Jeffreys (17) 33pts

3rd Geoff Kubas (18) 33pts

C Flight

1st Pat Culloty (20) 32pts

2nd Alan Delany (19) 31pts

3rd Sean Soden (21) 31pts

The Emerald, a favorite for many mainly due to its proximity to a certain village, bared the teeth of its tight fairways and undulating greens to ensure that no one broke their handicap.  Those that equaled theirs, Ed ‘The Right Honorable’ Wyckoff and Andre Fortis, led A Flight and B Flight respectively.

Tore Eliassen, who has been in very good form of late, took the runner up spot in A while good friend to all Mike Jeffreys did likewise in B.  Peter Hynard filled A and Elvis Kubas filled B.

I wonder whether the junior flight played off the same tee’s a the rest, as Co. Kerry man Pat Culloty need a mere 32 points to top the podium.  Alan Delany and Sean Soden were left to sort out the minor places via a count-back as both were a shot back, and finished in that order.

Eddy the Eagle, Big Frank McNamara and Keith McLachlan shared the 2’ pot.

Friday, Feb. 18, Greenwood – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Kelly) 37pts

2nd Jeff Horsfield (8) 35pts

3rd Thierry Petremont (10) 34pts

B Flight

1st Geoff Kubas (18) 36pts

2nd Maurice Byrne (17) 36pts

3rd Tom Byrne (15) 33pts

C Flight

1st Alan Delany (19) 37pts

2nd Lou Szigligeti (20) 33pts

3rd Christy Knight (20) 32pts

Peter Kelly was one of only two to better his handicap on the day and his 37 points was good for co-man of the match and A Flight honors.  This effort also edged Jeff Horsfield by two strokes.  Sunday’s hero Thierry Petremont was a further shot back for the third spot.

C Flight produced the co-man of the match as Alan Delaney matched Peter’s card.  Lou zigzag filled the silver spot four shots back.  Christy ‘Good’ Knight kept his head bent as he accepted the third place prize for his less than memorable 32 point nobble.

Elvis Kubas left B Flight a little shook up as his even par round was good for the top spot, but it needed the aid of a count-back to split him and Maurice Byrne.  Tom Byrne (no relation) filled the flight.

Tom Byrne had the last laugh as he sank the only ‘2’ of the day.  Tom wanted to ring the bell but as it was a no alcohol day he was thwarted, so he kindly donated a fair size of his winnings to the Bann Jing Jai orphanage.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street. Any one wishing to play with us just pop in, and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 82 60764.  Transport is provided.