Paul takes on Pattana and wins


Pattaya Links Golf Society

Friday, June 2, Pattana – Stableford

1st Paul Smith (3) 38pts

2nd Mogens Melander (17) 37pts

3rd Bob Watson (7) 35pts

What a contrast!  10 days ago I was at Pattana where it rained and storms howled the entire round.  No carts on the fairways and the ground became soggier as the day wore on.  And we ‘wore’ on!

Today, however, was an entirely different scene.  Pattana Golf Course has not only recovered well, but the green-keeper has been able to mow and return it to the pristine, beautiful course we know it is.  Carts were once more allowed on the now firm fairways, the weather was fine and conditions were perfect for a game of golf.

When we see a player consistently have a 2 or 3 handicap, we expect that player to par the course or thereabouts.  High expectations maybe, but Paul Smith rarely lets us down, and today he took first place with 38 points off a 3-handicap.  Not quite par, but close enough!

We have mused before how Mogens Melander runs hot and cold.  Today he was hot and came a close second to Paul by recording 37 points in a good steady round.

A friend and fellow scribe uses the term Uber golfer when describing Bob Watson.  Taking third place on a count back, off his exorbitant handicap of 7, the Uber golfer scored 35 points and this after a short layoff with injury.

We often hear complaints about slow play, and rightfully so.  Today our 3 four-balls each completed the 18 holes in 3hrs 45.  That is good and enjoyable golf.