Paul in at the sharp end


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Sept. 4, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Paul Sharples (15) 41pts

2nd Wayne Boylan (12) 36pts

3rd Ikeda Michitoshi (20) 35pts

Paul Sharples.
Paul Sharples.

On Monday the TRGG visited Greenwood which was in splendid condition but was playing fairly long as a result of heavy overnight rain.

Ikeda Michitoshi struck the ball well to record a fine 35 points and take third place while Wayne Boylan went one better for second spot on the podium.

There was no stopping Paul Sharples on this day as he struck the ball miles off the tee and matched that with his short game to return 41 points and secure the top prize.

Tuesday, Sept. 5, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

1st Michael Prideaux (12) 42pts

2nd John Baxter (17) 42pts

3rd Norhiko Tanaka (11) 41pts

Norhiko Tanaka scored a marvellous 41 points today at Phoenix but could only finish in third place.  If he was feeling aggrieved then John Baxter must have been beside himself with frustration as his 42 points saw him beaten into second place as a result of a count-back.  The man who won the day, also with 42 points, was Michael Prideaux who shot a fine 6 over par gross.

Of the 15 golfers playing, 13 of them managed to score 32 points or more.

Wednesday, Sept. 6, Emerald G.C. – Stableford

1st Billy Allan (20) 36pts

2nd Wayne Boylan (12) 35pts

3rd Trever Oliver (13) 34pts

Emerald was the destination for Wednesday’s golf and with high temperatures being recorded in the morning this round proved to be a great test of stamina.

Klaus Fast.
Klaus Fast.

Trevor Oliver shot an impressive 34 points and this was good enough for third while Wayne Boylan’s fine form continued and his 35 points saw him once again take the silver.  The round of the day however, came from Billy Allan and his score of 36 was good enough to take top prize but also insure that he will still be keeping his massive handicap.

Thursday, Sept. 7, Silky Oak – Stableford

1st Paul Sharples (14) 37pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (18) 35pts

3rd Kevin Labar (11) 35pts

Kevin Labar shot 35 points on this day to take the bronze but he was beaten into on count-back by the returning head man himself, Derek Thorogood.

Striking the ball as cleanly as he had done on Monday, the winning score once again came from Paul Sharples with 37 points.

Friday, Sept. 8, Burapha – Stableford

Division 1

1st Klaus Fast (3) 37pts

2nd Barry Sowman (10) 37pts

3rd Kerry Langlands (12) 36pts

Division 2

1st Steve Kawai (16) 34pts

2nd Jim Cooper (16) 32pts

3rd Alex Fenwick (17) 32pts

Friday’s visit to Burapha saw the numbers of players swelled with the arrival of a plane full of Australians from Wanaroo Golf club in Perth.

In Division 2, Scotsman Alex Fenwick scored 32 points to take the third and was just into second place by Jim Cooper who came close to recording a hole in one on the 17th but then proceeded to miss the 2-foot birdie putt.  The top prize went to Steve Kawai whose 34 points was good enough for him to finish on the top of the pile.

In Division 1, Kerry Langland’s 36 points was good enough for the third place and Barry Sowman shot a fine 37 points to take second.  The round of the day came from Klaus Fast whose raw sore of 2 over par was good enough to take the honors on count-back.

Saturday, Sept. 9, Treasure Hill – Stableford

1st Masa Takano (8) 39pts

2nd Billy Allan (20) 37pts

3rd Paul Hansberry (11) 33pts

Saturday saw a game of golf at the challenging Treasure Hill.  Paul Hansberry scored 33 points to take third place and Billy Allan’s recent good form continued with 37 for second.

The round of the day however, came from Masa Takano.  Scoring an impressive 39 points, his raw score of 5 over par comfortably resulted in him finishing well ahead of the rest of the field.