Pattaya Sport Club Golf Schedule – Friday February 9, 2018 – February 15, 2018


 Fri 9Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12 Tue 13Wed 14Thu 15 Fri 16
Apple’s IrishMt. Shadow  PSC Charity ClassicBangpraPleasant Valley
Bunker BoysKing NagaPSC Charity Classic Pleasant ValleyPattavia
Cafe KronborgPSC Charity ClassicSilky Oak
Colin’s GolfMt. ShadowPSC Charity ClassicBangpraBangpakong
Growling Swan PSC Charity ClassicCrystal Bay
I-RoverPSC Charity Classic
Le KataiPleasant ValleyPSC Charity Classic Treasure Hill Pattavia  Pleasant ValleyMt. Shadow 
Lewiinski’sSiam PlantationGreen ValleyPSC Charity ClassicKhao KheowSia, WatersideGreen ValleySiam Plantation
The LinksPattaya C.C. PSC Charity ClassicCrystal Bay Phoenix 
Outback Golf BarGreen ValleySilky Oak PSC Charity ClassicSiam Old Course         Pattavia/
Laem Chabang Green Valley
Retox Game OnT.Hill/Silky OakPSC Charity ClassicM.Shadow/
Siam CountryPSC Charity ClassicPattaya C.C.Khao Kheow
Sugar ShackPleasant ValleyPSC Charity ClassicSupapreukParichatPlutaluang
Soi Diana SportsPSC Charity Classic
The Golf ClubThe EmeraldPSC Charity ClassicKhao KheowKabinburiKabinburi
Players Lounge
Green ValleyPSC Charity Classic Green Valley TBA
Tropical GolfKing NagaPSC Charity ClassicPlutaluangPhoenix
Valley View
Green ValleyPSC Charity ClassicGreen ValleyGreen Valley

The Bunker Boys meet at the M-Club off Pattaya 3rd Road for golf outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ( Transportation leaves from Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn at 8:15 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, (contact Bjarne, tel. 038 423203, 038 423809). Colin’s Bar plays golf Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri ( The Growling Swan plays golf on Monday & Thursday ( Lewiinski’s departs from Soi Pattayaland One (Soi Pattaya 13/3) at 9:00 a.m. on its scheduled days. of  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday. The Pattaya Links Hotel Golf Society departs from Soi Buakhao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call Phil on 0625 933 380 or visit The Outback Golf Bar is situated 6km from Sukhumvit Rd. along  Siam Country Club Road. Telephone Andre on 092-617-4951 or visit The Golf Club is located on Soij LK Metro. Call Phil on 090 769 3778.  Tropical Golf meets at BJ’s Holiday Lodge at 8am on Tuesday’ & Friday. Call Derek on 089 034 0629