Parish wins by six at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, March 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford

It is always a bit boring reading these write-ups when all you really want is to know who won, or the last page, so for a change we will give the results first and then go into all the boring stuff later on.  After all, the winners only read it when they win, so for a change it will be nice to get it over with, especially as Carole Kubicki is on her way home soon and we will all then be able to win.

So in the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Brian Parish with 39 points ahead of a count back on 33 points that saw Landis Brooks in second, Mark West in third and Mashi just missing out.

Tuesday winners Brian Parish & Carole Kubicki with one of Bert’s staff.Tuesday winners Brian Parish & Carole Kubicki with one of Bert’s staff.

In the B Flight the winner was Carole Kubicki with 37 points ahead of a count back on 36 points that saw Derek Brook in second and Andre Van Dyk in third.  Just think, if it had been next week I would have won.  Yes, age has caught up and I have slipped into the group of players with character, grey hair and paunches.  Woe is me.

Rubbish over, let’s get to the really interesting things.  It was really hot out there, the course was in good condition and we had a good round playing the B & C Nines.  That’s about all for the course, except they are sanding the A Nine, as we have played it before.  Oh by the way, it is a really good course here with a friendly staff.

I won’t go on about the traffic on the way back , that is normal, but I must say on the way back, living on Beach Road, I was reminded of the ongoing ‘Saga of Beach Road’ and the number of times I have seen major disruption there.  Dig it up, fix it, wait a while and dig it up again.  Then block up the town for a sing song or party or such for days.  Over the years it has proved better comedy than a TV programme.

Friday winners Bill McGarvie & Mick Coghlan.Friday winners Bill McGarvie & Mick Coghlan.

Now they are building a third lane I am advised, when all they really need to do is stop anyone parking on the road and they have three lanes.  Change direction from Pattaya Klang to Pattaya Nua and all the busses can stop and let the passengers off, so no sheep on the road and a shepherd not deeded.

Well I feel better now and next week normal service will be resumed.

Near Pins:  Brian Parish (2), Landis Brooks, Mark West

Friday, April 5,The Emerald – Stableford

Another regular on the schedule, we usually nip down here once in a month.  No problems here except when we finish it is usually very difficult to get all the players back to Bert’s in time for the results.  Wonder where they get to?  Indeed, we have our groups who usually join us for the day out.

On this day we had a good turnout and were soon at the course.  We could have got away a bit sooner than we did as the starter tried to get us away, however we did mislay one of the buses, still we did get away a bit early and made good speed.

The course was in good condition, but we had the normal hot weather albeit with a nice wind to cool us down.

Round over it was back to Bert’s for the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Bill McGarvie with 38 points ahead of a count back on 37 points that saw Landis Brooks in second and Mark West in third.

In the B Flight the winner was Mick Coghlan with 36 points on count back over Andre Van Dyk in second.  In third was Graham Buckingham with 35 points.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Brian Gabe (2), Max Scott, Andre Van Dyk.