Noi tops the high scores at Phoenix


PSC 115th Monthly Golf Tournament

Friday, June 22, Phoenix Golf Club

When PSC Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham plans a golf tournament there is a lot of preparation involved, although there are certain elements that are out of his control.  Today however he had no problems; the weather was fine and sunny with just a breeze to keep it comfortable, the course –Ocean and Lake, was in excellent shape in all departments, and the booking in and registration went smoothly.  To end the day – just wait!

So Joe and Nigel made the quick early morning trip to this local course to prepare for the arrival of the 91 players (including 13 ladies).  All players arrived well in time for their round, although for some reason there were a few who were late on the tee!

50/50 winner. Alan Sullivan.50/50 winner. Alan Sullivan.

The rounds were just a shade over 4 hours which with a large field was very welcome.  There were some excellent scores with all flight winners exceeding 40 points, and all places beating their handicap!

The low gross winner was Bob Watson with a fine 72 Gross.

In ‘A’ Flight, the ‘gentle giant’ Bob Newell (6) was in top spot with 75 gross – 69 net, while Brian Parish (13) led ‘B’ Flight home with 42 points.

The early bird … Don Lehmer (20) arrived 90 minutes before his tee time and returned with 43 points to top ‘C’ Flight.  It was another 43 points for Tom Cotton (22) to take ‘D’ Flight.

Noi Emmerson (15) had the best score of the day with 44 points to be top lady – again!

With this course being very local, many had the opportunity to go home before going to Lewiinski’s for the buffet and presentation.  Colin Davis and his team always put on an excellent buffet – today once again they came up with both European and Thai food with a number of choices to suit all tastes.  The service was its usual friendly and efficient manner.

Service with a smile.Service with a smile.

At the presentation, Nigel Cannon, as usual, called order and expressed appreciation on behalf of all to the Lewiinski’s team.  Nigel then welcomed PSC President Tony Oakes who congratulated Joe on another great tournament.  Tony – who was re-elected President last Saturday – was pleased that Joe, William and Nigel were to continue in their respective roles for another year.

Joe expressed his appreciation to all players and underlined the comments by Nigel on the buffet.  Joe reminded all that the PSC had made some minor adjustments to the local rules and ‘card’ sized copies are available from the PSC office and golfing venues and were also on the PSC web-site.  The 116th tournament will be at Treasure Hill on Friday 20th July – sign-up sheets are at the PSC office.

Nigel then announced the winners while Joe presented the prizes, which was followed by the lucky draw.  Finally this month’s 50/50 winner was Alan Sullivan.

Full results are on the PSC web-site and on the club notice board.


Each one a winner.Each one a winner.

Didn’t we do well.Didn’t we do well.

Smiles all around.Smiles all around.