Nixon & Locke take it to the wire at Khao Kheow


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Jan. 5, Burapha – Stableford

Nineteen players at a quiet Burapha today, where we tried out playing from different tee boxes in the same competition using the EGA Handicap system, made possible as each tee box has its own rating, which is compared in the formula.  So at Burapha for example, the blue tee is rated 73.2, the white tee 71.8 and the red tee 70.8; the slopes are 131, 123 & 119 respectively, so if we were using the USGA system a 12.4 (index) handicapper from the blue tee would play off 12.4 x 131/113 = 14, off the whites 12.4 x 123/113 = 13 and a lady would play the reds off 12.4 x 119/113 = 13.

(From left) John Locke, Noddy Moyle and Peter Nixon.(From left) John Locke, Noddy Moyle and Peter Nixon.

However, the EGA say that as the red tee is rated at only 70.8 against a par of 72, it is a much easier course than the blues rated at 73.2 against the same par, therefore the course handicaps according to the tee colour, change again according to the rating.  So the 12.4 (index) handicapper will play off 12.4 x 131/113 – (72 – 73.2) which equals 16 (rounded up), (as all good mathematicians know that minus a minus is a plus).

Off the whites he would lose 0.2 against the par which would equal 13 still and the lady would lose 1.2, bringing her course handicap down to 12; this theoretically means that players can play from different tees, and might even solve the argument that many men have about ladies playing in the same comp.

So there you have it, a brilliant system.

Andre Coetzee won Div A, playing from the blues with 37pts from his two South African mates, also on the blues, Dirk Bruwer (34) and Douglas Hayes (34), whilst Carl Luke took Div B, all of whom played from the whites, with 39pts after finishing ahead of John Fitzgerald (38) and John O’Keefe (36).

There were four ‘2’s from John Cunningham & Carl Luke (A3) and Johannes Murken got two on the 6th and 12th.

Outback observation: Weather – fine and hot; Check in – friendly and quick; Tee time – early; Fairways – some damp patches from hand watering; Rough – light; Greens – fast and true; Bunkers – some wet; Value for money – average; Pace of play – 4hours; Drink stations open – all open (4); Restaurant – not visited.

Div A (0-18)

1st Andre Coetzee (09) 37pts

2nd Dirk Bruwer (15) 34pts

3rd Douglas Hayes (06) 34pts

Div B (19+)

1st Carl Luke (19) 39pts

2nd John Fitzgerald (20) 38pts

3rd John O’Keefe (19) 36pts

Wednesday, Jan. 7, Khao Kheow – Stableford

High scores today at Khao Kheow as the course handicaps kicked in playing from the yellow tees on the tricky C and A nines with a great turnout of 26 players.

Peter Nixon (12) cruised to 43pts after a one over par back nine (on A) to pick up 23pts but he only just beat John Locke, who also scored a very creditable 43pts only to lose out on count back with just 22pts on the back.  Third was Svenn Lund (41pts) who was having his last game with us before returning to Norway and all three players beat Jack’s target of 39pts to win a 500 Baht bonus voucher each to drink at the bar, leaving Jack some 1500 Baht lighter in his pocket.

Noddy Moyle recovered from an ordinary front nine of 14pts, also to pick up 22pts on the back, ending up with a total of 36, which was enough to win Div B from playing partners and friends Greg LeBlanc and Andy Makara, both with 34.  Greg and Andy were extremely lucky to play; cos you know sometimes when you leave to drive somewhere and you’re not quite with it and the car just goes automatically to work or just finds its way home and you wonder how.  Well that’s what happened to Andy, he even got out of the car at Green Valley – before he realised he was not at Khao Kheow!

There were three ‘2’s from Svenn Lund (A5), John O’Keefe (C3) and John Locke (C8).

Outback observation: Weather – overcast, hazy & hot, slight breeze on back nine; Check in – efficient; Tee time – early; Fairways – dry patches in places; Rough – light; Greens – fast and true; Bunkers – soft sand; Value for money – excellent; Pace of play – 4 hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – good.

Div A (0-19)

1st Peter Nixon (12) 43pts

2nd John Locke (16) 43pts

3rd Svenn Ole Lund (14) 41pts

4th Tommy Jensen (18) 38pts

Div B (20+)

1st Noddy Moyle (22) 36pts

2nd Greg LeBlanc (28) 34pts

3rd Andy Makara (26) 34pts

4th Les Easton (24) 32pts

Friday, Jan. 9, Green Valley – Stableford

A big field of 45 players at Green Valley today and splitting the field into four divisions left David Davies the clear winner of Div D with the outstanding score of 43pts, which included two ‘2’s; congrats mate, great round of golf.  Other excellent scores included Peter LeNoury’s 40pts to win Div A, Gerry Roche’s 39pts to take Div B and John Fitzgerald’s 40pts to head Div C.

Minor places of note were achieved by Geoff Stimpson (39pts) playing off 6 and Bob Finley, 37pts off 13.  Four other players equalled their handicap, namely Mark Allen, Greg Hill, Les Easton and Greg LeBlanc.

There were six ‘2’s from David Davies & Greg LeBlanc (8th), John Fitzgerald, Peter LeNoury & David Davies (12th) and Peter Nixon (16th).

Div A (0-13)

1st Peter LeNoury (09) 40pts

2nd Geoff Stimpson (06) 39pts

3rd Bob Finley (13) 37pts

Div B (14-17)

1st Gerry Roche (17) 39pts

2nd Mark Allen (17) 36pts

3rd John O’Keefe (17) 35pts

Div C (18-22)

1st John Fitzgerald (18) 40pts

2nd Greg Hill (19) 36pts

3rd John Stafford (18) 33pts

Div D (23+)

1st David Davies (24) 43pts

2nd Les Easton (23) 36pts

3rd Greg LeBlanc (26) 36pts

Saturday, Jan. 10, Green Valley – Stableford

Not a bad turnout for Saturday at Green Valley, supported normally by guys who work here and can’t play in the week and visitors.  10 players headed by a delighted Shaun Pullen with 39pts, from Ian Doust (38), who beat Tony Pieroni on count back.  Shaun was doubly pleased when he discovered he had the only ‘2’ on the 8th hole.

1st Shaun Pullen (26) 39pts

2nd Ian Doust (08) 38pts

3rd Tony Pieroni (14) 38pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.