Nigel nicks it by one


Diana November Seniors & Ladies Open

Thursday November 24 – Pattaya Country Club

It was a fine sunny day with a little breeze at the popular local Pattaya Country Club where the 33 competitors were greeted in the usual friendly manner by the staff.  The course was in good condition and also busy but thanks to an efficient starter we were all away on time with rounds of about 4hrs 15min.

There were just 5 ladies today with both Vivianne Sundquist (H/cap 18) and Barbra Spets (29) coming in with 30 points.  Vivianne declared the winner on count back.

It was the same situation in the Seniors with both John Connery (21) and Archie Martin (20) scoring 36 points with John the winner.

Left to right: Nigel Cannon, Vivianne Sundquist, Jenny, and John Connery. Left to right: Nigel Cannon, Vivianne Sundquist, Jenny, and John Connery.

In the Super Seniors it was the organizer and scribe – Nigel Cannon (24) with best of the day 39 points and runner-up Chris John (21) a point behind with 38.

Before the formal presentation Nigel welcomed a group of Irish friends as well as a regular group from Scandinavia just arrived.

As this was the last Diana for 2011 Nigel thanked Alan Pearce who had calculated results for all 11 competitions and also thanked Jenny and the staff at PCC for help he received.

As a postscript, what else did your correspondent take away from PCC?  On his door mirror was a rather ugly black snake!  Tried to shake it off with no success, stopped near some MC taxi men – they just laughed – but a Thai man came from a shop with a big stick and knocked it off!