Murphy has the edge


PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

Three Sisters kicked off the month with a field of 14 players at Pattaya Country Club on June 1.  The course had some wet spots left over from Tuesday’s rain but most of the fairways and greens were in good condition.  

The weather held as some clouds showed up as the last group finished.

Back at Caddy Shack II the cards were tallied and there were lots of high scores.  Dale Murphy came in with 37 points, followed by Mike Conti and Paul Ovens, both with 36.  Mike took second place on the count-back.

Dale Murphy, left, with Mike Conti. Dale Murphy, left, with Mike Conti.

Herbie Ishinage was busy with the Embassy folks so Sus Ige came through with some looong (sic) hot dogs.  A special treat was provided by Larry Emerson in the form of a pork and beans stew and it was outstanding.