Mr. Quiet’s day in the sun


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another quick, low season round for the Backyard players at Emerald last Friday, March 20 – we have been getting around in well under 4 hours for the last few weeks or so.  Despite our fast play we never saw the Beaver Boys at all so they too must have had their jet-heels on.  What a relief after the tedious high season rounds.

The big winner on the day was Mr. Quiet, topping the stableford competition with 36 points while the near-pin prize was won by Andy “The Deadliest Catch” Crabb.

Friday winner Mr. Quiet (centre) with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Friday winner Mr. Quiet (centre) with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

Irish John won 5 skins and The Biss and Mr Quiet won 4 each with The Biss also winning the previous week’s single rollover.  There were singles to “The Deadliest Catch” and Foos yer Doos (now back with us after his nursing duties) and there were 3 holes rolled over to the next game.

Apres golf it was down the road for a few ales where Mr. Quiet played clever and managed to score a free drink for himself by buying a round for the players.  Foos Yer Doos was a good laddie for once, only having a few drams before rushing off home to the boss.

With the low number of players around now we did not have many interesting moments to report but that is likely to change with some lads heading to Hua Hin for the week and Foos back on the grog full-time.