‘Mr. Quiet’ strikes again


The Backyard Golf Society

Not for the first time at Emerald, at last Friday’s outing we saw the unwelcome practice of the starter allowing groups with no booking to tee-off just by turning up at the first tee.  Whilst this is usually not a problem, it certainly is in high season but it is something many courses seem to think is par for the course (pun intended).  After some “encouragement” though, he (the starter) decided not to put anyone’s life in jeopardy by putting them in front of us.

So, the winner this week was Mr. Quiet, again.  His apparently meagre score of 33 points was enough on the day.  Because we had 4 groups out we had a runner-up in the stableford competition and it was the returning Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend who filled that spot.  Said player usually has the task of taking and sending the photo at the bars down the road but not for the first time the photo failed to reach the editor in time for submission with the report.  Who knows where he sends them?

Near-pin was won by “Sheffield Steel” Mills (well, maybe putty is closer to the truth).  The big winner in the skins was Mr “Who Brought Him”, with 7, followed by “Diet Whiskey” with 6, 2 went to Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend, 1 to Second-hand Bob (now able to take a shower again at home after the burst pipe affair) and 2 rolled over to next week.

Down the road then for a few ales at Blue Sky, where we had a group photo in our new shirts but said photo somehow went missing from Golden Trowel’s “very good” cheap phone.  Andy was also apparently responsible for trying to gas at least one of the other players in his group on the 10th tee, not the first time he has tried that either.