‘Mr. Quiet’ cannot be outdone


The Backyard Golf Society

Bar-free days are something that takes a bit of getting used to here in Thailand.  On this occasion we actually think the 2 dry days were set up on a Thursday and a Friday in a deliberate goodwill gesture, to give the ladies in local establishments a ‘Mr Quiet-free day’.

Not to be outdone though, Mr Quiet arranged for the Backyard lads to play at Emerald on Wednesday last week, July 29.  As a result we were almost the only people on the course and we were around in about 3 hours walking.  Emerald, with its location close to some hills, seems to have benefitted from some more favourable rains of late; the fairways were looking really well compared to other courses in the area.

Winner of the stableford competition on the day was Russell ‘He’s a Victorian’.  What a pity the Aussie cricketers are not doing so well at the moment in The Ashes series.  Russ also won the near-pin and by winning the skin on the 1st hole he won that and the rollovers from the previous outing too.  All in all, a good day for Russ!

The big winner in the skins with 9 was ‘Foos yer Doos’, playing 2 good holes all day and winning multiple rollovers on both.  ‘Second-hand Bob’, who is clearly being inspired to his good form by his excellent caddy won 7 (and we are all still in shock over that) while the 1 other skin went to ‘Diet Whiskey’.

It will be a quiet few weeks with Irish John, Diet Whiskey and The Impregnater off to Europe.