Mooneyham makes magic


PSC golf from The Golf Club Sports Bar

Monday, Oct. 3, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Joe Mooneyham (16) 40pts

2nd Jimmy Brackett (7) 38pts

3rd Keith Warboys (14) 37pts

Another overcast day that turned out just fine in the end, especially for reigning PSC golf head honcho Joe Mooneyham.  Joe has been playing great golf of late and his 40 stableford points was unbeatable.

Fellow Yanks Jimmy Brackett (an Arizona boy) with 38 points and Keith Warboys (a Florida boy) with 37 also took spots on the podium with Yui Bietry just off the pace.

Friday, Oct. 7, Crystal Bay – Stableford 1st John Dearden (21) 40pts

2nd Kevin Taylor (7) 38pts

3rd Bob Newell (7) 31pts

A rainy day in Pattaya but not a drop on the course at Crystal Bay – so goes the rainy season!  The policy on the day was no carts allowed – full stop!  So those not used to walking were at a big disadvantage.

Joe Mooneyham. Joe Mooneyham.

This had no apparent effect on one hardy walker by the name of John Dearden who strolled away with a first place with 40 points on the card.  John held back a couple of 7 handicappers by the names of Kevin Taylor (38pts) and Bob Newell (31pts) to give a boost to the mid-handicappers in town.

Don’t forget that the T.Q Masters is on Friday the 21st so come on down to The Golf Club and join us for one of Pattaya’s oldest running golf tournaments, sponsored by our buddies at The Tahitian Queen.

Our road trip this month will be to Soi Dao Highlands on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th so come on by The Golf Club to sign up.

P.S.  Bob Newell will have a very big announcement next week so watch this space for details!

Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro, off Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana junction.  We can be reached on 085 434 3377 or [email protected] or our website: and /golfclubpattaya.

John Dearden (left) with Bob Newell, first and third at Crystal Bay. John Dearden (left) with Bob Newell, first and third at Crystal Bay.