‘Michelle’ strikes gold


The Backyard Golf Society

After several weeks without sufficient numbers to have a competition, it was a very hot and tiring day for the Backyard Golfers at Emerald last Friday.  The recent hot weather has left the course very dry with numerous areas requiring rain, or at least watering urgently.

The winner this week and having ‘her’ last game before heading to Old Blighty was ‘Michelle’ Chatt with 37 points.  The near-pin award also went to Michelle.  The skins were hard to come by with Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend winning the most with 7, followed by Jimmy 2-Stone with 5, 4 to Andy “The Deadliest Catch” Crabb and singles to Dan ‘The Diet Whiskey Man’ and Michelle Chatt.

Down the road then for the traditional post-game beverage consumption session where Michelle was a no-show but she did provide the funds to buy a round with the day’s big win. Our un-regulated custom of the winner buying a round thus continues even if the winner decided not to attend.  Apparently getting a re-entry visa trumps a few coldies….something very strange indeed.

Several players were away over the Songkran dry period and we are likely to see low numbers for the next few months too as players disperse to various areas of the globe.  With the weather so hot it’s probably not a bad time to be away, but we cannot complain about that, better than the cold for sure.