Max on the mark at PSC’s 120th Monthly Tournament


It was a perfect day for the 111 competitors (3 no show’s!) who played in this month’s tournament at Crystal Bay on Friday, Nov. 16 – it wasn’t too hot and the sun was hidden by some light cloud.  The course was in fine condition as the leading scores demonstrated, unfortunately the same cannot be said of the clubhouse which is in need of some urgent refurbishment. 

Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham and Social Chairman Nigel Cannon were at the course early to prepare for the registration.  Clearly this course is not used to running major competitions and it took some firm negotiations by Joe to ensure that the competition ran smoothly, as there were a number of other groups scheduled to play.  At times they had no caddies!  Joe was at the drink stop between the two starts to ensure there were no infiltrators to our competition.

Low gross winner Max Scott (right) with Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham.Low gross winner Max Scott (right) with Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham.

Joe and Nigel handled the registration and both the leading groups were away on time with rounds of about 4½ hours.

As the cards were handed in it was clear that there were going to be a number of good scores in all flights.

Low Gross winner was Max Scott (3) who had a great round of 73 gross.

Mark Wood (10) took ‘A’ Flight with a net 66.

‘B’ Flight winner Gerry Cooney (17) had the best of the day with 45 points.

Frans Olgers (21) won ‘C’ Flight with 44 points.

It was a 3-way count back to determine ‘D’ Flight with Mick O’Connor (24), Ivan Plunkett (23) and Don Camody (23) each having 41 points, with Mick declared the winner on the best back 9.

There were 9 ladies today and in top spot was Wendy Bernek (34) with 38 points, with regular Noi Emmerson (15) runner-up with 37.

The presentation and reception this month was at Dicey Riley’s who put on a fine buffet and some special drink prices.  After all were satisfied it was time for the winners to be announced.  Nigel reminded members that tickets for the PSC Christmas Party were now on sale at the PSC Clubhouse, and then introduced Joe Mooneyham who expressed his appreciation to all participants today and said free tickets were still available for the professional tournament in early December at Amata Springs.  Nigel then took back the microphone to announce the winners – all who were present.

The lucky draw followed with many going home with a ‘little extra’.  Joe then announced the 50/50 winner which was a delighted and happy Jack Robertson.

The next PSC monthly tournament is on Friday 14th December at Mountain Shadow – sign-up sheets are in the clubhouse.

Ladies winner Wendy Bernek (left) with Peter Blackburn.Ladies winner Wendy Bernek (left) with Peter Blackburn.

C Flight winner Frans Olgers (left) with the Golf Chairman.C Flight winner Frans Olgers (left) with the Golf Chairman.

A Flight winner Mark Wood.A Flight winner Mark Wood.

B Flight winner Gerry Cooney.B Flight winner Gerry Cooney.

The Neal partnership.The Neal partnership.