Matthews mauls the field at Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Sept. 18, Green Valley – Stableford

Of the three courses running from this clubhouse, this is my own favourite and also of most of our players.  So it was that on this day we had more players than we expected but luckily we got to the course a bit early and arriving on the first tee we were able to get away, thus solving the problem of the extra players.

This is a fairly busy complex, looking after more than one course, however the booking in is usually simple, and so it was on this day.  One thing that was noticeable was that since I last played here they have changed the starting holes around.  Again, I am not sure I like it because getting between some of the holes is a long haul, however the play seems to run smoothly, so who am I to complain?

Max Matthews. Max Matthews.

The course on the day was not at its best, probably because it has rained so much for so long.  The fairways were soggy and the greens also and were slow as well, mind the bunkers were dry, and bone hard.  So, not the best of conditions but  we still had a great day.

The sky was grey and like my stomach, constantly grumbling, and on the last few holes it (the sky) looked like it was going to open and dump its contents on us.  So we sped up and finished before the downpour.  Lucky us!

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Brian Parish with 38 points ahead of Robin Peach with 37 points.  We then had a count back between our 3 handicappers on 36 points that saw Seil Revels in third and Bob Watson just losing out.

In the B Flight the winner was Joel Flor with 38 points ahead of Don Carmody in second on 37 points and Tom Cotton in third with 35.

Near Pins:  Derek Brook, Joel Flor, Barry Elphick

Long Putts:  Graham Buckingham, Bob Watson

Friday, Sept. 21, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

Normally we would attend the PSC Monthly Tournament on this Friday of the month, but with it filling up early we decided to have a day out from Bert’s and as Pleasant Valley was not on the list, it seemed a good idea.

With all the rain about we know that the courses are going to be very wet, and so it proved with P.V.  The entrance was pretty waterlogged, and it was no surprise when we were informed that there were no buggies allowed on the course.  So of course ‘lift, clean and place’ came in and a good job it did.  The course was in fact better than we thought, but generally the ground was soaking and there was little run on the ball.

Tuesday’s winners with one of Bert’s finest. Tuesday’s winners with one of Bert’s finest.

Anyway, off we went and it was one of those days we have seldom in the ‘Low Season’ and often in the ‘High Season’, it was wait for every shot.  Although we had a two -ball in front of us, they had many balls in front, not saying of what sex, from  places that do not let anyone through.  So it was a bit of a crawl, however it gave us a chance to get a few winks in, and at the end of the day we were not as late as I expected.

The Course itself was in reasonable condition, despite the water, and as we had time to smell the roses we came upon one of those things that add to ‘legend’.  Onto the back nine and waiting for every shot we were held up by a work crew that went onto the green ahead of us and proceeded to dump barrow loads of sand on the front half of the green.  Ever tried to chip through sand 6 inch deep for half the green you are chipping onto.  Then once past it the ground was so hard you putted way past the hole!  Such is life and all adds to the sense of well-being.

Back at Bert’s we were soon into the presentation, to learn that although there were some good scores, one man had destroyed the field and was due for the big chop.  The winner by a street was Max Matthews with 47 points.  Max played well but it must have been the new sartorial elegance of the shave!  In second with a fine 39 points was Andre Van Dyk and we then had a four-way count back on 37 points that saw Mike Gaussa in third, Takeshi Hakozaki in fourth, Daryl Evans in fifth and Dick Warberg just losing out.  Max then bought the beers.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Alan Sullivan, Mike Gaussa, Mike Williamson, Dick Warberg