Mashi zeros in on monthly mug


The Growling Swan Golf Society

Monday, Jan. 23, Pattavia – Stroke/Monthly Mug

A Flight (0–18)

1st Mashi Kaneta (15) net 64

2nd Dave Maw (10) net 70

3rd Alex Field (16) net 71


B Flight (19+)

1st Patrick Poussier (28) net 70

2nd Kevin Smith (28) net 72

3rd Sandy Leiper (29) net 72


Near Pins: #4 Dave Maw, #6 Alex Field, #13 Dave Maw, #17 Mashi Kaneta.

Long Putts: #9 Alex Field, #18 Don Richardson.

Mashi Kaneta.
Mashi Kaneta.

Twenty-three golfers turned out for today’s outing to Pattavia to contest the January monthly mug.  Being our only stroke event for the month it can attract golfers and it can also scare some off.

With the weather on our side, playing conditions were cherry ripe and we set out from the front markers and found the course to be in good shape.  With 23 golfers we were playing 2 divisions with the mug winner being the best golfer on the day (from Div1 or Div2).

Div. 1 produced the day’s mug winner in the form of Mashi Kaneta who came in with a very good score of net 64, followed by Dave Maw with Alex Field respectively.

Div. 2 saw Patrick Poussier taking first spot with net 70 while second and third places went to a count back, with Kevin being the better of the Smiths as he took the silver ahead of Glenn.


Thursday, Jan. 23, Plutaluang – Stableford

1st Keith Buchanan (16) 40pts

2nd Jim Carlson (22) 37pts

3rd JJ Harney (12) 37pts


Near Pins: #2 Dave Maw, #5 Dave Maw, #13 Keith Buchanan, #16 Jim Carlson.

Long Putts: #9 Dave Maw, #18 Keith Buchanan.

Keith Buchanan.
Keith Buchanan.

Fourteen golfers stood up for the challenge of the Navy course at Plutaluang and it was well worth the journey.  We tackled the course via East South nines and went from the yellow tees.  Again the day went complaint free and the course was in top condition as it always is.

Kissy Buchanan came up trumps again with a very good score of 40 points and was followed a few shots back by Jim Carlson who beat JJ Harney on a count back.