Mashi and JD shine at Pattavia

Mashi Kaneta (right) and John Davis.
Mashi Kaneta (right) and John Davis.

PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Sept. 11, Pattavia Century – Stableford

After getting to their drives on the first hole our opening 3-ball found soft ground and mud on the ball so quickly sent word back that “Ball in Hand, fairways and closely mown areas” would be the rule of the day. It turned out to be a welcome decision.

About the only difference since our last visit was that the greens had been scarified and sanded. The grass had been allowed to grow a little so the speed was a bit slower and putts needed to be hit with a bit of authority to hold their line. Of course that becomes tricky at Pattavia as even with the slightly longer cut, downhill putts cannot be hit with authority.

In addition and most likely due to the almost daily rains, the bunkers were very firm and held some water and silt. Still a very playable and enjoyable course. A good pace under blue skies and with a slight breeze saw the group showered and headed back to Pattaya earlier than usual to learn the results of the day.

Mashi Kaneta (c/h 15) sat atop the podium with an excellent 38 points and was followed closely in 2nd place by John Davis (11) with 37 points, John Pierrel (12) in 3rd with 35 and visiting Eddie Kost (16) getting the final nod with 34.

Honorable mentions by way of our “Best 9s, non-winners” awards went to Don Carmody and Frank Xin.

Friday, Sept. 14, The Emerald – Stableford

Despite morning rain, the radar today showed the possibility of a drying period and based on this info the group decided it was worth at least a drive to the course to check conditions before making the final call.

When all arrived and after another check of the radar it was decided to “Go”. So pay up the daily fees of 1350 baht “all-in” (a good deal), and our three groups hit the 1st hole with vigor playing “ball in hand” through the green. With drizzly conditions, soggy ground under foot, some puddles in bunkers, and damp slower greens, how would the group do?

With a reasonable pace of play, mixed periods of light or no drizzle, the groups all finished in good time and were showered and headed back to Pattaya and BJ’s for the results and presentation.

The winner on the day and the only player to play to his handicap with 36 points was John Pierrel (c/h 12). Following John up the podium steps in order were Bob Britton (13) with 33 points, Dick Warberg (23) on 31 and Don Carmody (28) with 30.