Martyn continues hot streak


The Backyard Golf Society

Martyn “The Quiet Man” of the Backyard Golf Society (except after a few brews, a not uncommon occurrence) continued his recent good form on Friday, Dec. 28, at Emerald, scoring 35 points to pip Michelle Chatt by one. 

We had 3 groups out today and for the first time we can remember we caught up the Beaver Bar boys by the end of the front nine.  This made for a slow back nine but still a fairly quick round overall, especially compared to other courses at this time of year.

The near-pin award went to JJ on this occasion.  Skins were well spread out; Golden Trowel’s boyfriend winning the single rollover from the previous week plus 3 more this week.  Second-hand Bob won the most with 5; Martyn won 2, Irish John 2, JJ 4 and Dan ‘The Diet Whiskey Man’ 1each, with 1 rolled over to our next outing.

Don ‘The Divorcer’ looked resplendent in his new super-sized society polo shirt, so more free rounds from him – unless he forgets it of course, a rule that applies to all our members.

No major talking points to report from the game except The Divorcer’s attempt to use the auld Mulligan rule on the 3rd hole when one of his viciously whipping hooks found the local tapioca plantation.  Needless to say his partners did not agree with that, but a good try nonetheless.

Unlike other societies The Backyard Boys do not have a set meeting place but several members can usually be found attending the various Jomtien market bars most evening, along with our one and only groupie, John # 3 (aka Army John, aka John #2).