Marson majestic at Phoenix

Eng and Sasicha.
Eng and Sasicha.

PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar

Monday, March 5, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Phoenix was in great shape but the greens were different on the two nines, with the Lake loop being extremely fast and Ocean a little slower, but everyone managed to persevere.  Only four groups today and the smart golfers were playing from the blue tees to get some practice in for the PSC championship being held at the same course.

Fourth place today went to Dave Bramley with 35 points, third was taken by Capt Bob with 37, in second was Tom Parker with 39 and top spot went to Howard Marson with a majestic 42 points, his best round for some time.  There were no ‘2’s recorded today.

Wednesday, March 7, Green Valley – Stableford

You must feel sorry for all those golfers across Europe not being able to play golf, having had a foot or so of snow and having to sit, watching TV whilst we are playing in near perfect conditions.  It is not easy but someone has to do it.

The scoring for the men today was pretty shabby today with a visitor to the Billabong, known as Tao, having a birdie on the last hole for 4 points but losing out to Lloyd Shuttleworth on count-back, both with 33 points.  Tom Parker had another good round, despite 3 blobs on the back-nine, but lost out on another count-back for top spot to Jim Brackett after they returned 39 points each.

The ladies, as usual performed better than their male counterparts.  Miss Sasicha claimed third place from Miss Pin on the same score, Miss Yen could have had a much better back-nine but for 3 one-pointers to finish behind the winner on 40 points.  Miss Eng had 7 pars in her very steady round to take the plaudits.

Only one ‘2’ today and that came from Lloyd Shuttleworth who was disappointed to have missed at least 2 others.

Friday, March 9, Burapha – Stableford

Thundering rain greeted us this morning as we arrived at the bar, but as you would expect in Thailand, raining here doesn’t mean it’s raining at Burapha.  Well that wasn’t the case today as it was raining there, so we sat in the restaurant for an hour until it stopped then went out and played in beautiful conditions.

In hindsight Capt Bob should have called the bunkers GUR but we did play ‘lift clean and place’ through the green so it wasn’t that bad.  We had a depleted field as some players weren’t keen to wait around so 17 intrepid golfers hit the fairways.  We were joined by some Royal Fremantle guys as well as 4 friends from Geralton in Western Australia.

The course was in great condition even though it was wet underfoot.  The winning scores were all count-backs, with three on 33 points battling for third and Lloyd Shuttleworth winning that with a par round on the back-nine holes.  Second place went to one of our visitors from Fremantle, Pip Mangano, playing off his 8 h/c with 34 points, but he was beaten of a count-back by one of the Geralton lads, Mike Quill on the same score.

There was only one ‘2’, coming from Peter Henderson.