Marsden makes short work of monthly medal

Brian Chapman (right) presents the medal to Bill Marsden.
Brian Chapman (right) presents the medal to Bill Marsden.

The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Wednesday, May 31, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

Although it had been 5 weeks since our last monthly medal – sponsored by longtime friend Brian Chapman– it seemed far less.  Medal rounds appears to be the favourite for the ladies for there were 4 groups today all immaculately dressed in blue shirts and white shorts.

I am not sure if the brown patches here at Green Valley will eventually cover a larger area than the grass on the fairways as a result of chemicals being applied to the broad leafed grass.  This method has been applied in the past and the grass reappeared.  Watch this space.

How can you stop this man?  Bill Marsden cannot stop winning since he returned to Thailand, with many rounds below par and a reduction in handicap from 21 to 18, and he still produced the round of the day with a net 65.  We must either tie his shoe laces together or hide his new clubs.

Nipper Truscott is another that is experiencing some golden moments and his handicap has reduced from 21 to 16 in 6 weeks, but he had to settle for second today with a net 68 just ahead of Dave Smith on 69, with Auke Engelkes fourth with a net 70.

The ladies were inspired today and even being below par did not guarantee a mention in dispatches.  Miss Lynn occupied fourth place with a net 68 just below Miss Phin who had 8 pars and 1 birdie in her final score of net 67.  Miss Pin lost out on a count back on the back 6 holes to Miss Da, who overcame a treble bogey on the 1st hole and a double bogey on the 10th to post a brilliant net 66.

Only one 2 today and that went to George Barrie.

Back at the Billabong the bar was segregated by balloons and bunting to separate the blues from the maroons for this was the State Of Origin day.  As you might have noticed, the blues corner would have made the loudest noise.

Friday, June 2, Burapha – Stableford

Burapha on a perfect day for golf with high cloud to keep the sun out, but it wasn’t to last and it turned out extremely hot later in the round.  The course was in fantastic condition with the Thailand Juniors tournament starting the next day.  With 3 groups playing we were off to a little early start which was great for a leisurely round of golf.

Miss Da won the Ladies’ medal with a net 66.
Miss Da won the Ladies’ medal with a net 66.

The lads today were all in the 30 points range with Gerard Lambert taking third spot on a count back with 36 points.  It was then a count back for the top places with Gary Ritchie taking second with a 76 off the stick but being edged out by the man of the moment, Nipper Truscott, also on 39 points.

There were three ‘2’s, coming from Gerard Lambert and Nipper.