Markku Tynell lights up Crystal Bay


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, June 3, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Having set off down the highway in good spirits and with great expectations, a little after an hour later the whole group could be found hunkered down under whatever shelter they could find as the rain pelted down.

But that was just the start, as the thunder crashed and rolled across the fairways and lightning slashed through the whole course it became obvious that just getting back to the clubhouse would be fraught with real danger.

Markku Tynell.Markku Tynell.

So for the first time in a very long time, at least within recent memory, the competition was called off prior to completion and after a couple of hours wait in the clubhouse and the reimbursement of a 50% rain check on the green fee the sadder and wiser group returned to The Haven to attempt to extract some pleasure from the day, which most had seemed to manage by leaving time.

Wednesday, June 5, Greenwood A & C – Stableford


1st Russell Gilroy (15) 33pts

2nd David Grist (8) 31pts

3rd Trevor Edge (19) 30pts

4th Terry Hodgkiss (23) 30pts

5th Trevor Schirmer (12) 29pts

After the disappointments of the previous outing, there were again high hopes among the players as they headed out to the first of two regular visits in the month to one of the preferred courses of the low season, where Greenwood was found to be, as usual, in tip top condition and very competitively priced.

Russell Gilroy.Russell Gilroy.

Unfortunately, following very heavy weather over the preceding days the course played extremely long from the tee, putting scoring at a premium and with the best of the day unable to get within two of handicap the results became non-counting for upward review of handicaps.

The course was still indeed a credit to the green keepers who had managed to present it in good condition against all the odds.

Russell Gilroy led in a tired looking group after edging out David Grist on the last hole as David failed to score to add to two previous holes where he had similar results on the back nine, while Russell powered in with a better three points over the homeward stretch to win by two.

Trevor Edge added to his pleasure for the day with third place, together with the addition of a few jingling bits in his pocket, as he took advantage of the under performance by the Regimental Sergeant Major on the day but he had had to win a count back over Terry Hodgkiss, which he did with a better 17 to 15, leaving Terry in fourth.

Trevor Schirmer always seems to get a mention of late no matter what his handicap and over whichever course is played, and he did it again with fifth place another shot back.

Despite the difficulty of the course both 2’s pots were taken with David Grist collecting the first division and Terry Hodgkiss the second division.

Prior to the prize giving there were welcome backs for Russell Gilroy, Trevor Edge and Andy Pedlar, the latter two who were also departing as well, so there were farewells as well to add for them.

Friday, June 7,Crystal Bay B & C – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Markku Tynell (24) 42pts

2nd John Wood (24) 37pts

3rd Jens Gunnarsson (14) 36pts

4th Hal Hart (20) 36pts

5th Trevor Schirmer (12) 35pts

Following two fairly disappointing days again there was keen anticipation that a least there would be one day to take some pride in as the hopefuls looked forward to the open spaces of the B & C courses of Crystal Bay.  Despite the recent weather the course was in excellent condition, it having benefitted from its exceptional draining qualities and with the greens also in great condition, being flat and true, the only players not to score well were those that had spent a little too long at each of the drink stops.

Markku Tynell had a day to remember as he returned his best score ever in Thailand after seven years of playing here, beating his previous best by four shots, to take the top spot on a high scoring day.  His great round included ten three-pointers and not a single blob to mar a fine round.

John Wood, whose regular appearances are helping him to become a more consistent player, took second place after he returned his second best score in the Land of Smiles but even if he could have matched his best, he would have come up short against Markku’s outstanding effort.

Jens Gunnarsson started too slowly to be able to really pressure the two ahead of him but his remarkable inward half of two over gross for 23 points ensured that he took third place in a count back over Hal Hart, who dropped off the pace after a very promising start managing just 17 on the back nine and taking forth place.

Once again Trevor Schirmer, having claimed the longest drive once again, popped up in fifth with a solid one over handicap return.

Back at The Haven there were several wolf whistles when Alwyne Burly returned wearing what would probably be described as the worst combination of a horizontal striped shirt and extremely loud check patterned shorts that also managed to colour clash, claiming that he had learned all his dress sense from his mum many years earlier.  Following a close vote he was allowed to remain in the bar as long as he remained seated but warned as to his future appearance.

There were no 2’s in either division.

Prior to the presentations there was a welcome back For Bill Bainton, taking time off from watching the ‘Welsh’ Lions on tour, and a farewell for Jens Gunnarsson, returning to sea for a few weeks and Mike Dabanovich returning to his regular sandpit to practice his bunker shots for a month.

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