Mark Lang swims home


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, Sept. 19, Crystal Bay – Stableford


1st Gus Guidetti (12) 33pts

2nd Markku Tynell (21) 32pts

3rd John Carlin (17) 31pts

Mark Lang.
Mark Lang.

Probably the wettest week that most of the local golfers have ever experienced in the Pattaya area started out at Crystal Bay on Monday.

Heavy overnight rain that continued into the morning’s start off time from the Haven left a much reduced band of dyed in the wool golfers hoping that the day’s event would be able to be completed.  Unfortunately just three of them finished the day as the conditions worsened as the rounds progressed, and with the scores hardly scratching the surface it was no surprise to find the CSS had gone out to the maximum and become non-counting for upward review.

Phil Cass.
Phil Cass.

Gus Guidetti continued with his incredible run of form, taking yet another win with another score well over his handicap, but still good enough.

Markku Tynell stuck with him until the very end, just missing out by a single point, with John Carlin another shot away in third place.

All three were commended for their fortitude in completing the course at the prize giving

There were no 2s in either of the divisions.

Wednesday, Sept. 21, Pattana A & C (yellow tees) – Stableford

CSS 74

1st Mark Lang (6) 39pts

2nd Mike Dabanovich (12) 37pts

3rd Gus Guidetti (12) 36pts

4th Lyle Blaw (11) 35pts

5th Phil Cass (16) 32pts

6th Alan Pilkington (7) 32pts

Wednesday was another day when the conditions were extremely wet but at least it stayed dry, apart from for the last group that is who got totally soaked as they completed the final hole in driving rain – none of them scoring a point and subsequently some of them dropping out of contention for a podium placement.

Mark Lang followed up an outstanding round earlier in the week that had seen him return to a category 1 handicap level, with another good effort at three under handicap and one that saw his handicap further reduced to its lowest level for eighteen months.  It was certainly good enough for another win by two ahead of the hard charging Mike Dabanovich, who saw his chance of another photo op to show off his new hair styling disappear once again as he settled for second place.

Gus Guidetti.
Gus Guidetti.

Gus Guidetti thought he had done more than enough to win as he returned a level handicap card after winning on three previous occasions without playing to handicap, but this time he had come across two very determined rivals in good form and so only managed third place.

Lyle Blaw stuck close in fourth spot just one adrift as Phil Cass and Alan Pilkington had to be separated by a count back for fifth and sixth, which Phil won with a better 18 to 16.

Phil Cass cleaned out the rollover pot on the second division 2s pool and Mike Dabanovich and Alan Pilkington did the same in the first division.

Friday, Sept. 23, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford


1st Phil Cass (16) 32pts

2nd Mike Hill (20) 30pts

3rd John Carlin (17) 26pts

4th Terry Hodgkiss (26) 25pts

The inclement weather was still not done with the group as the last outing of the week was also preceded by overnight rain.  The numbers understandably were reduced once again as the forecast for the day had been thunder and lightning interspersed with heavy rain.  In the event the worst of the weather held off, with just a splattering of rain at the start of the rounds and fortunately no thunder and flashes.

The course was difficult to score on as the end results bore witness, with once again none able to make the standard of within two of handicap and so once again the CSS went out three and became non-counting.

Phil Cass had the best day to take the win by two from Mike Hill as they both suffered from the extreme lack of run on the fairways and greens that were possibly at their slowest, with the greens staff unable to cut them due to the week’s weather.

John Carlin took third place a few more points behind and one ahead of the last podium placing given on the day to Terry Hodgkiss in fourth.

There were no surprises when both division pots in the 2s were unclaimed.

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