Man overboard


The Backyard Golf Society

Not for the first time, the Backyard Golf Society report relates more to our players’ non-golfing activities than the actual game.  Foos yer Doos Cowe took the gold medal this week, rocking up late and still slightly inebriated, making it to the 6th green with 6 blobs (although he is adamant it was the 9th), walking off for a coldie and failing to re-emerge for about 3 hours.  After finally taking a shower he emerged belt-less, baring all, and chucked an empty wallet at the course manager before sleeping for 14 hours.  Legend!

After that show the golf took second place but the winner of the main competition was The Biss, still retired but looking out.  The near-pin went to frequent winner Jimmy ‘2 Stone’ and the skins were another triumph for The Biss, winning 8 in all while The Quiet Man won 4, Danny the Scumberger Kid took 2 and the final 4 holes were rolled over to next week.

The Bliss (3rd left) celebrates his golfing victory with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.The Bliss (3rd left) celebrates his golfing victory with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend has volunteered to take the first known flight with Air Sri Lanka to London so we will be referring to him as the Tamil Tabby until he returns.  Based on reports of his eating habits he could actually fly there without a plane if he tried.

With Michelle suffering another bout of gout we will be low on numbers for a while but that will please The Quiet Man, down the road quicker every Friday.