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PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, May 6, Burapha – 2-Person Scramble

General Jack’s official birthday was on Saturday (4th May) but his two person-scramble was held here at Burapha on Monday 6th, attracting an amazing field of 72 players.  What was even more amazing, for which everybody should give themselves at pat on the back, there were no “no-shows” and nobody was forgotten.

Although a holiday, the management once again extended their normal rates to the Outback and went one stage further by giving us the benefit of a two-tee start on the C & D nines.  We were away early, which caught a couple of groups on the back foot and generally the pace of play was good but it did get a bit slow at the back of the groups which started on C; as one group lost over two holes and right at the back, the last group became totally detached.

The Karratha visitors’ last game with the Outback (from the left): Sydney & Marie Coetzer with Yvonne Baker & Jeff Gill.The Karratha visitors’ last game with the Outback (from the left): Sydney & Marie Coetzer with Yvonne Baker & Jeff Gill.

The greens on C had recently been cored and hadn’t fully recovered, the surface was bumpy and slow whilst in complete contrast, the D greens were great and quick, probably in the aftermath of the recent Pro event.

The two-man scramble/ambrose Jack chose, was a little more generous to the higher handicappers than is usual here in Pattaya, giving the teams 25% of the combined handicap (instead of 20%), the usual six drives each, and the ball chosen each time must be played first and as it lies; except on the green, when players may putt in either order.

Birthday boy Jack, with his wife, Mee.Birthday boy Jack, with his wife, Mee.

It was a swelteringly hot day with no rain and even with carts many commented about the intense heat with some players only just making it to the line and back at the bar.  Copious amounts of various liquids were consumed by many; in some cases to replace the lost fluids and in other cases, that was just an excuse.  For Jack, it was the last day of three days of celebration and judging by some of the pictures seen, it looked like it!

At presentation Jack thanked everybody for coming and explained a bit more about all the work and improvements that is currently ongoing at the Outback; which will include a “sail” to cover a new terrace area and new bar, as well as live band facilities and an air-conditioned restaurant.  The work is expected to be complete by the end of June.

With prize money down to tenth place, Andy Makara & Greg Hill won the day with a net score of 65.8, just 0.2 ahead of Paul Greenaway and the Sugarman.  Two of our visitors from Karratha, Yvonne Baker & Jeff Gill, were one point further back on 67 dead and they beat Barry Copestake & Paul Hack on count back.

There was the usual complimentary food, as is the custom for events like this; Nigel Cannon roused everybody to the words of Happy Birthday and Mee, Jack’s new wife, brought in his birthday cake.

There were four near pin prizes won by Dennis Persson, Dennis Pelly, Kathy Doody & Peter Jeucken.

Finally, thanks to Capt’ Steve who ran the day and processed all the scores, some of which were very difficult to read.

1st Andy Makara &Greg Hill, net 65.8

2nd Paul Greenaway & Sugar Ray Handford, net 66.0

3rd Yvonne Baker & Jeff Gill, net 67.0

4th Barry Copestake & Paul Hack, net 67.0

5th Steve Poznanski & Rosco Langoulant, net 67.5

6th Doug Shrader & Billy Gray, net 67.5

7th Pete Stonebridge & John Cunningham, net 67.8

8th Eddy Beilby & Peter LeNoury, net 68.5

9th Geoff Stimpson & Terry O’Connor, net 68.5

10th Martin O’Neill & Carl Luke, net 69.0

Tuesday, May 7, Laem Chabang B & C – Stableford

As Khao Kheow was hosting a tournament today, we switched the venue across to Laem Chabang, to take advantage of their “Sports Day” rate.  15 players turned out to play the B & C loops at the somewhat later than usual time of 11.16.  The rain gave some trouble for a couple of holes, but the course soon dried out and play continued almost as though it had never rained.

Monday winner Greg Hill with John Player, Sel Wegner and Sel & Greg’s respective ladies.Monday winner Greg Hill with John Player, Sel Wegner and Sel & Greg’s respective ladies.

The result was dominated by visitors, which was hardly surprising with only four local players in the field.  Yvonne Baker was the winner with 36pts, ahead of Russ Rylance (33) and Jeff Gill (32) and one of Tim Knight’s visiting friends, Frank Nottle fourth on 31.  The highest finishing PSC member was John O’Keefe in seventh with 28.

There were three ‘2’s from Yvonne Baker, Les Grimsditch & Peter Jeucken

1st Yvonne Baker (28) 36pts

2nd Russ Rylance (15) 33pts

3rd Jeff Gill (16) 32pts

4th Frank Nottle (9) 31pts

Wednesday, May 8, Greenwood – Stableford

The alternate venue this Wednesday, which was Greenwood, could only muster one group of four players, which was slightly disappointing, nevertheless a good day for Ken Davidson who took the win with a mere 27pts and scored the only ‘2’.

For the record they played the A & C nines.

1st Ken Davidson (21) 27pts

2nd Colin Jones (21) 25pts

3rd Pat Dennis (18) 24pts

4th Graham Laughlin (18) 21pts

Wednesday, May 8, Siam Plantation – Stableford

The low season is upon us here at Siam Plantation, one month behind all the other courses, except its sister course, Siam Old Course.  The Sports Day here is a Tuesday, the same day as the Old Course, Green Valley & Laem Chabang but the Outback will continue on Wednesdays here whenever possible (i.e. subject to tournaments), throughout the low season at their exclusive promotional rate.

For the next two weeks (15th & 22nd), there is a BMW tournament here, when the Outback will be at Khao Kheow instead, whilst offering Laem Chabang on a Tuesday; from 29th May and throughout June, we are back to normal here every Wednesday.

As for the golf here on the B & C nines, a good turnout of 23 players, split into two divisions were headed by ‘Lumpy’ in Div A with the day’s best 37pts, followed home by New York Steve with 35, beating playing partner Paul Rodgers on count back.  Paul had been going really well to the turn with probably his best ever 23pts (39 gross) until an unfortunate incident put him off his swing, as he came back with only 12.

Well done to Kent Griffith who won Div B with 34pts, from Max Bracegirdle (welcome back) on 33 and Waldo, third on 32.

There were no ‘2’s.

Div A (0-15)

1st Lumpy Russell (14) 37pts

2nd Steve Poznanski (12) 35pts

3rd Paul Rodgers (15) 35pts

4th Doug Shrader (9) 33pts

Div B (16+)

1st Kent Griffith (17) 34pts

2nd Max Bracegirdle (27) 33pts

3rd Stephen Blazsanyik (17) 32pts

4th Tony Bernhagen (16) 30pts

Friday, May 10, Green Valley – Stableford

By reason of a members’ tournament here at Green Valley, the Outbackers found themselves savouring the delights of St. Andrews, which was reported to be in good condition, although the greens were a little slow and bumpy, as they had recently been cored and sanded.

Nevertheless the 45 players scored well on the course, producing some outstanding scores, particularly in Div B covering a range of just three handicaps (14–16), where unfortunately for Barry & Joe, with 39 & 37pts respectively, neither of them earned a podium place.  The win, and the best score of the day, went to “Race 2 Bkk” leader Murray Hart with an excellent 41pts, from Tony Berghagen (40) in second and Russ Rylance in third on 39.

Mike Missler, who hasn’t played with the Outback for some time, celebrated his return by winning Div A with 37pts from playing partner Kim Chung (36), who was having his first game with the Outback, so welcome to you Kim.  Paul Greenaway filled the third place, also with 36, losing out on count back to Kim.

Familiar names headed the other divisions, namely the returning John Player who took second place in Div C with 38pts just one point behind winner Carl Luke and the Sugarman third on 37, and Div D was won by that man again, Andy Makara on 34pts, ahead on Tim Knight with 31.  But at last Andy’s handicap has started to come down after enjoying a couple of months of success, which just be a little harder to come by, now he’s down to 27.

There were three ‘2’s from Barry Copestake (3rd), John Cunningham (10th) and Russ Rylance (17th).

Div A (0-13)

1st Mike Missler (6) 37pts

2nd Kim Chung (5) 36pts

3rd Paul Greenaway (7) 36pts

Div B (14-16)

1st Murray Hart (14) 41pts

2nd Tony Bernhagen (16) 40pts

3rd Russ Rylance (15) 39pts

Div C (17-18)

1st Carl Luke (17) 39pts

2nd John Player (18) 38pts

3rd Sugar Ray Handford (17) 37pts

Div D (19+)

1st Andy Makara (27) 34pts

2nd Tim Knight (21) 31pts

3rd John Dearden (21) 30pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.

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